though it is still summer, here is Duro Olowu's collection for fall 2007!

What do you say readers?


? said…
This is only a reminder so I can stop by on my way out. Ill be leaving blogsville very shortly and would like to say goodbye. Ill be back to comment on the above, on my way out. God bless and here is wishing you all the best.
Anonymous said…
My comment is spefically on the movie the Return of beyonce. Please that movie was crap, crap crap. As if the first 3 installment weren't crap enough, they still had to make a sequel. I shouldn;t say Van is not cute, he is but his acting sucks as hell. Please whatever he was doing before now let him go back to it. Beyonce she is needs to step up big time, the same facial expression when she's happy, sad, angry, agitated, frustrated and emotional. She's beautiful no doubt but if beauty is what acting is all about than we all have been wasting our time because there're so many more things to do in life than watching beautiful faces.

Naijagal thumbs down for this movie.