I am back! Guess what this blog has. a function We will uplift! No negative stories. Okay lets go fun videos for your saturday!

Tiger Woods Wins The Masters Naijagal Returns! + Monday Music

What I am binge watching right now on Netflix or at other topics of interest!

PLOT TWIST!! Cristiano Ronaldo's lawyers claim data hack and fabricated documents but wait there is more.....


Disney picks a Naijagal "SADE' as their new princess!!

Five reasons why Meghan Markle should be a role model!

Testing Testing Testing Is the Mic On? Oluwa Power!

Countdown to the return

We are back to stay!! Naijagals rock!! Yepa by kiss Daniel!

Omg We Naijagals Love Rotimi Music #Rotimi

Prince's Protege Andy Allo Rocks Nigeria! Watch the video!