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Five reasons why Meghan Markle should be a role model!

I know this is going to be a controversial post. But here goes. So we all watched the fanfair that was the royal wedding. But how about we break down five things we found fabulous about Meghan's rise to becoming the duchess and how ordinarily the odds would have stacked against her. Meghan is older than Harry! Yes by three years proving age is nothing but a freaking number.  She stayed true to herself. She designed her wedding the way she saw fit and that right there is great Karma We all know she was previously divorced but that did not stop her from living and finding the man of her dreams! Yes Ladies he is out there.  She did not worry about her biological clock. She didn't let that hinder her making a decision that would ultimately change her life She was descrete about her relationship. We are sure she wanted to scream from the rooftops about her Harry. But she played it cool earning the top position as Harry's bride! Oh and Lest I forget she is now offic