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5 reasons why Ed Sheeran is a real Naija Boy?

1. He said the word Omoge perfectly 2. he dances with style like our Naija guys 3. He likes to make his girl happy as we can tell from his songs 4. He knows how to sing well well 5. He drives us Crazy, yes we love him? Or what do you say? So happy to be back!!!!

Breaking News!! Kim Kardashian passes the Bar!!

Breaking News!! Kim Kardashian passes the Bar!! This just goes to show you that if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. And yes Naijagals I am back you are welcome! Impressive!

Yes I am back! I know its been a while did you miss me?

Well I miss you so lets start things easy shall we? Well starting off lets dance Monalisa by Lojay is just too hot! Or what do you say? Must not forget vibes by Ayra Star Oh and my new favorite? Wells it a club banger! What are you up to today my fellow Naijagals? Having fun? Well I am having the time of my life!

Incredible Naijagal makes 210k in New York as a Software developer!

You know we profile amazing Naijagals and what they do world wide. So you have to check out this video! CNBC PROFILED Bukola on CNBC'S Making it! And we love it! Excellent Bukola, we will be watching and thannks for inspiring!