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So the student loan got struck down? Well get into Tech On a Budget: - Your Ticket to Tech Success Without Breaking the Bank! Pay it Off Naijagals

Hey there, tech-savvy fashionistas! Are you dreaming of diving into the tech industry, but your wallet is giving you side-eye?   Get started  No worries, because we've got the scoop on how you can rock the tech world without emptying your Gucci purse. Get ready to strut your stuff in the digital playground with! It's time to unleash your inner tech goddess without breaking the bank, courtesy of your favorite style website,! Psst! Its under $500 dollars yes for a boot camp just wow! Plus we have a coupon code for you! Yes use the Naijagal50 coupon code to get $50 dollars off! Plus you can take the first class for free! I am taking the UX design course and loving it! Naijagals you can do it too! Affordable Courses that Won't Make You Do a Double Take: Picture this: top-notch tech courses that won't send you running to the nearest ATM. offers an amazing selection of wallet-friendly courses that'll make your heart flutter

Did you know the CEO of PF Changs is a naija guy?

 Well now you know! According to forbes "CEO Damola Adamolekun P. F. Chang's CEO Damola Adamolekun. Leave it to a former college football player to feel better after he's gotten a win under his belt – even if it means getting up at the crack of dawn to log some road work before heading off to serve as the leader of 20,000 staff members at P. F. Chang's" Just wow kudos Damola! Keep up the good work! But wait....we want Jollof rice on the menu Oh!!!!