In recent weeks Naija Socialites and Celebrities have been rocking the sari. Here are a one I find gorgeous!

What is it about the Sari?

"sari has often been described as 'the apparel that covers all, yet reveals all. What is it about this length of cloth wrapped around a woman's body that adds so much allure? Visitors from distant kingdoms and empires to India since time immemorial have been tantalized by bewitching Indian women clad in saris."source indianart cart

So how has your week been? How much would you spend on a sari? Or rather how much do you spend on one?


Dith said…
nike looks fab
omo t...try again
i thnk d sari thng is good if u have a good bod.
pls wats ur obsession with bollywood??(lol). ive been reading ur blog 4 a minit now....very nice i must say.
Anonymous said…
I think its just bad fashion sense, the whole idea of sari. Africans in Sari - am i the only one that thinks this fashion trend is a bit Ras. if they like the fabric that much (shine! shine) then they should make it into something wearable but not the indian way. Even the indian Gold looks odd on black skin.
And please people, don't say - i am hating! cos its plain to see, it just doesn't fly, with all the weave, and jelly roll tummies.
Unknown said…
Dear Naigagal,
Where did you get your pictures of African women in saris? I think they are beautiful! I would like to use your pictures in a non-profit website to teach American children about Africa:


May I have permission to use them? Is there any way you could contact me?
much thanks!