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PLOT TWIST!! Cristiano Ronaldo's lawyers claim data hack and fabricated documents but wait there is more.....

CNN REPORTS The controversy over the rape allegations surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo has taken a new twist. Ronaldo's US-based lawyer has released a statement saying that the acknowledgment by the Portuguese star that he'd had non-consensual sex with Kathryn Mayorga in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009 had been "altered" by hackers. So yeah I have to say, hmm who knows what the truth is? Hmm maybe it is plausible.  But seriously, I am so following this case. One could easily mistake this for some sort of a thriller movie or something? But it is real. of course each side denies the other is SPEAKING THE TRUTH. Well this guy offers an update on the case. I wonder why  Is this all happening? In this #metoo era  there are three sides to the story, her side, his side and of course the truth. I guess we will wait and see... talking about Ronaldo, check out this cool video showing his caring ways. I mean this video tugs at my heart. He is a man who ta