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Brand New Video for Ameno!

 And Yes I want to Bamba! Check out the meaning of the song from a commenter. It feels great to be back! All Naijagals join in, the queen is back! Now let's dance to the song blowing up Tiktok with over a billion plays!! Proudly Nigerian  + Ghanian Sweet Edo Language Rap by an Edo Artist from Edo State (NG). These are the Edo Language words if you listen from the beginning: "Goya Menor" (I am Goya, literally written as "Goya me nor") "Okhian te kpe khere" (It's been a little while) "DJ rie me na ya ku khere" (DJ give me and let us dance a bit) "Shebi me ka ta m'uwa?" (I hope I told you people before?)