ITS FRIDAY! HOT NEW MUSIC! Celine Dion and Elvis presley singing on American Idol! Mad Melon Music

Its friday! and I thank God for a great week! Thank you readers for sticking with me through my blogging months. So on to it.

First stop:
Check out Celine and Elvis singing together on American Idol!

Gotta Love Technoloy!

Books I am reading:

Do you by Russell Simmons! A must read!

Fashion I am loving:

pastry shoes by the Simmons Sisters!

Your Friday Treat!

The hottest music in Naija Now! Kpongolo by Mad Melon

Click here for Kpongolo!

I love this video by Resonance Holy Ghost Fire


SET said…
I just purchased that book online, cant wait to get it in the mail. I hear it is so practical and straight to the point. Thx for confirming the good reviews
Linda Ikeji said…
the only i loved about american idol is gone.phil stacey.a book from russell simmons?im definitely buying it. i love tic tac's kangaroo