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psquared latest video

psquared latest video Temptations Question: where was this video shot?

Women entrepreneurs in Naija.

NAIJA LADY MOGULS tattoo entrepreneur! Ms Mary Charles, managing director of Twinkuls, a popular. Tattoo center on Allen avenue, Ikeja, According to Mary "some wear tattoos to make them look sexy and attractive, others do tattoos on their breast and some on the arms. For Instance, the Americans use tattoo to write names of their late loved ones on their body to keep the memory of such loved ones with them for as long as they see the name.” She is making money and women are flocking to her tatoo palour. Looking to get inspired? check out some tatoo designs Click Here! Modupe Ozolua Comestic diva She is a plastic surgery diva specializing in breast enhancements. Her NGO bears foundation (which provides reconstructive surgery for the physicallimpaireded) is also top priority. Ohito Mark CEOeo of wave making Grace HATS! These hats are to die for. She is loved both in naija and in the diaspora. Good way to make money Banke Meshida I have blogged about her before she is a make up g

We love Heidi and Seal

Okay here they are looking great with their lovely baby HENRY! I must say I heard Seal is a great dad. Well Heidi is a new naijagal then.

Do you love to blog about FASHION!

Well it is your lucky day if you love to blog about fashion. Would like you to join FASHIONISTAGUIDE.COM Listed below Here you can talk about fashion post fashion articles under your own blog. I have been working with the team who designed the blog. Tell your friends who love fashion to take a look How is your day going?

Seal and Heidi

Guess who? Seal and HEIDI KLUM LAST YEAR! Wonder what they would wear this year at halloween?

Priority Beyonce in Nigeria

Here are the pictures you have been waiting for! Beyonce with Naija Senators and people Expensive concert $750 I guess we have our priorities misplaced!

Plane crash in Nigeria

plane crash in Naija!! Oh lord why! Please Nigeria please do something The sultan of Sokoto was supposedly onboard! Why? Please fix the roads. Please!


Cool new NAIJA VIDEO P-SQUARE MY FAVORITE BOLLYWOOD VIDEO naija wedding website! Seyi and Folake


It is friday everyone!! Time to dance! Check out the following videos Bollywood party!! Amitabh and Son DBANJ NAIJAS HOTTEST MUSIC STAR

Well I see it is moving on for JOHN LEGEND

Remember a few months back we were all intrigued by JOHN LEGEND and his elegant girfriend Tayo (CIRCA old news) well John has moved on here he is at a party WITH his new GIRL FRIEND sorry Aduare All I can say is okay!
Congrats to Anita Hogan and her hubby on their recent wedding! Thanks for the picture bellanaija. Miss Malaika is billed as a contest for african ladies aimed at intelligence, charisma, poise and beauty. Well Nigeria won the Miss Malaika 2003 Her name Olabisi Olufemi Rahaman We will see how it goes this year! for more info Click here In other news pulse TV with micheal blackson Check out Two Designs by Deola Love her style

Micheal J Fox's Political Ad

Let me digress today! I am not political I love entertainment but I was bothered by comments that Micheal J Fox was acting. Any one who knows anyone with parkinsons will know this was not an act! What are your thoughts?


have you gotten a chance to check out the new silver bird website? It is really nice here is a picture for you! wondering about the prices? Admission - Anyday Booklet of 25 Vouchers @ N1,350 each - N33,750.00 MIDWEEK PRICE SLASH Wednesdays Only. (Excluding Public Holiday) Adult : N750 ; Student/children : N500 What do you think not a bad price is it? Heard it has been really profitable too. India just got its IMAX theather; could this be next for Naija?

fun times fun people

have you smiled at someone today? It makes the day go by faster! No matter how bad your day may seem, you would be amazed as to bright your day would be. ok some videos loved by naijas! These videos or rather songs would never die! Go to a Naija gig and you are sure to hear one of these songs Starting off Shaka Demus and the pliers! Came across this cool tribute on youtube by whytoks celebrating beautiful naija gals Definitely well put together take a look you may find yourself in the video oh and yeah LEGGINS!! ARE BACK IN STYLE!!

miss tourism world!!

MISS TOURISM WORLD 2006 Miss Tourisim world just got completed on october 5th! Our very own miss Nigeria the stunning Shirley Alero Aghotse placed 4th in the competition. Miss Czech Rebulic won the competition which was held in Zimbabwe. Below are some of the contestants MISS TOURISM KENYA what are your thoughts? Isn't it nice to see tourism is being promoted in Nigeria?

Taking a blogger break?

I have been so busy recently and this has taken a bite out of my blogging experience. I am considering a break for now as I have other endeavors I am working on. On a different note fashionistas; will you be watching project runway finale tonight? I will. I want Micheal to win! So how is your day going?

Psquared got nominated for MTV EUROPE AWARDS

The dynamic group by brothers Peter and Paul has come a long way. Be sure to go and vote. I did because I love bizzy body! Check out their video here And my favorite video! TO vote for PSQUARE CLICK HERE

100th POST!!! ENJOY!

100TH POST! Wow it suddenly dawned on me. I am on my 100th post. Well through out today and tommorow I will be building up on my 100th post. First up my favorite show in the world! That puts Naija on the map is Nigeria International. Guess what too? It show the full length video angel of Paul Play Dairo. It shows the premiere of PHAT GIRLZ in Naija. Check out too the premiere of our very own 30 days movie staring Genevieve Nnaji. One of my pet peeves is having to correct what certain Naijas tell coworkers in the USA about Naija. Imagine I worked with a girl who told the boss thus: Naijas cannot dial out in Naija! What!!!!! I was so mad. What does she have to gain from constantly belittling Naija? Has she not heard of Cell phones etc??? Here is what I have been working on. I intend to have it out in Naija january 2007. It is going to be a do it yourself fabulous hair extensions. I am so excited about it. What are you thoughts? Please I would want your honest feed back. I am confident i

jayz and beyonce in Africa

Enjoy this video this weekend. and thanks to BELLANAIJA this is my favorite video forever! What have I been up to? A lot! I have decided to get back to the focus of this blog which is fun entertainment and what is close to my heart! Fashion! get ready because I believe my 100TH post next will be great! I have a lot in store for this 100th post of mine. Update on a couple of new businesses I am working on.... 1. Wedding favors! yes I have to say classy Naija folks like classy wedding favors! So I could use your support dear readers. Check out some (not all of my wedding favors) ! HERE AT WEDDING FAVORS PHINA ORUCHE! MORE ABOUT HER SOON! also JAYZ AND BEYONCE IN AFRICA! She looks great! More pics to come shortly. By the way readers this is my 99th post wow
have you been to Fred Segal recently? Check out Onna "Born and raised in Nigeria, Onna Ehrlich is an artist and designer who draws inspiration from her African roots in creating contemporary fashion accessories. Onna is a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. At Art Center her work focused on installations integrating sound, video and social action that incorporated her political ideas about the African colonial immigrant experience. She was the recipient of the Art Center Leadership Award. The Onna Ehrlich accessories collection plays with the boundaries between the traditional and modern worlds. The shoes and handbags are all hand-made of carefully-chosen fabrics, leather and custom hand-done beadwork. A portion of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to Amnesty International and AIDS Projects." for more on her designs check this In Naija check out her bags at Mandre’s Wing C, Suite C05 Maitama Shopping Complex, Off Limpo Street, F.H.


BEYONCE SINGS NAIJA NATIONAL ANTHEM! Sorry about not blogging for a few days now! but I am back. Will fill you in on the latest in entertainment fashion, all you need to know! Yesterday Beyonce sang at the THISDAY festival (pictures from the event coming soon; watch this space) According to this day "it was a move that was as surprising as it was touching. But Beyonce Knowles, the star act at the First THISDAY Music Festival, which ended early this morning had mastered her craft and left the crowd enthralled. Following her introduction Saturday night, she had danced for a while then paused. "I am nervous. I don't know how to begin this but I hope you people will help me by singing along," she said as the crowd waited. The ecstatic members of the audience, most of who had anticipated that Beyonce was about to render one of her popular songs were dazed when she began, in her uniquely sonorous voice, to sing a familar tune: "Arise O Compatriots..." Other highl

living my life

Hi readers is this crazy?? I am going for my masters in design? full time? leaving a career in software development! what are your thoughs on this?
Hey how is your day going? I am having a blessed day! I decided to create a quick drawing and voila this is what I came up with! I will be joing the FASHION SPOT ; a great forum for up and coming designers. Had a quick chat with a friend about what makes money in Naija. Well it turns out anything related to weddings! I heard the cakes could cost 420000 Naira! for a wedding cake. Seriously, if you know anyone who got married recently in Naija; let me know how much they paid for the cake. Have you heard about Marion Ayonote? She is a top shoe designer Check out her designs, she is based in London. Her shoes are made in Italy. Interesting fact, she was mentored by Jimmy Choo! Pair of ladies boots from Marion Ayonotes winter collection Designed by: Marion Ayonote London. Made in Italy. Description: Velukid/ Suede knee high boots with Swarovski Crystal detail and round toe from the A/W 2006 collection. 100% Leather, UK 37 Size 4. 420! pounds

Happy 3rd of October!

Did you pray today? I did GOD is great he is faithful! Here is my morning music dedication for you! Click the video below and stay blessed. More updates on the blog later today!

Breast Cancer Month is October!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month here! Please if you are a hot naija gal get checked no matter your age. This is a terrible disease that can affect each and everyone if you find a lump (in any breast); Get it checked. Do not assume it is nothing unless told other wise! For more info please click here: Enough said.

Some cool designs dedicated to Naija

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAIJA!! 46 WOW! BUT SHE IS STILL HOT! Naija celebrates her birthday today! 46, this year she has some hot parties planned! Beyonce, Jay z will be celebrating with her! Congrats to Naija oh! What do you plan to do today to celebrate with her? Here is a poem I wrote: Arise my children heed my voice I am Africa Though tides and times may test you I will be there for you my children to keep you strong black and oh so very proud!