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Naijagal Tobi Amusan Not Only Shocked yes Shocked the World when she broke the 100M World Record She set the standard!!

 That is why Naijagal was created in the first place, to showcase the amazing strength and resilience of the Naijagal. We are excited to celebrate Naijagal Tobi Amusan as our Naijagal of the decade. Yes, we came up with that moniker. Besides why not? She set the standard now others have to follow!! Congratulations Tobi!! We are proud of you!!! Amazing!!! Triumph!!

Naijagal Tiwa Savage Bags a Doctorate Degree from Kent!!! Call her Dr Tiwa Savage!!

 Guess who is back but you knew it right? Naijagal is back and letting you know whats' going on in the world of Naijagals! Well guess who just bagged a honorary degree? Yep you guessed it! Naijagal Tiwa Savage is now a doctor! Yes oh!!! Congratulations lady!! Enjoy the videos!! And can we just say we are proud of her??

Did you know google Split today? Yes Naijagal loves stocks!

I am going to be real with you! Stocks can be great investment. Imagine if you got google when the stock was initially listed that would mean based on today's stock split event you purchased the stock at $2! Can you imagine the protifts? Well yes, making money in your sleep. This is what I would do, I would look at what Warren buffet is investing in? Then I would invest in the same! But yeah, the price is down and I think in my opinion, its a great investment. Just saying!

What amazing star Davido's Uncle's win teaches us!! Videos!

 Well, you already know. Yes, Naijagal is back ready and really happy for Davido!!  What does his uncle's win teach us about going for your dreams?? Well if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again!!! Congratulations!

Loving Naijagal Dyna's Videos!!

 We love Naijagal Dyna Ekwume's videos! Can we just say we are hooked on her? Naijagals are doing it and we are proud! Dyna is our Naijagal of the week! She is doing great on Youtube and we can't stop watching! Well done lady and congratulations on the New Baby!