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I am back! Guess what this blog has. a function We will uplift! No negative stories. Okay lets go fun videos for your saturday!

Thanks for sticking by me through the years. I can't believe I started this blog 14 years ago! Wow now we are going to take it to glorious heights! Okay video I am feeling! Want to laugh? Yeah You do! Did I tell you I love animated videos? Well I do so lets get it popping! Enjoy this animated video! I married a billionaire and lost my job! How hilarious! Music videos I am feeling and you will too! favorite you tube channel of the day goes to .... I love their vibe! They are such an inspirational couple I think I will call Sierra a naijagal what do you say? whats your favorite video? Books I am reading oh yes! I am a sucker for love! Women are the leaders of the future do you agree?