Akon's jailbait revealed. here is a picture of akon and the 15 going on 29 gal from her myspace page!

What in the world? She even has a myspace page! This was revealed thanks to TMZ. What I find interesting is that she lists her age as 19 on her myspace page! Akon has lost major deals from this fiasco! How could he have known that she was 15, are my eyes decieving me cause she does not look any younger than 22! Preacher's daughter too! Why does it seem to go that way?

Never mind about the myspace page she has it set to private at the moment! Just to be clear I am in no way siding Akon on this. What is your take?

The venue of the fiasco was supposedly for 18 and over.


Anonymous said…
Naijagal it is not about whether he should have known she was 14. It's the fact that his actions were an attack and to me attempted rape on stage. Did u see the video? What the hell??? What was he smoking? She consented to get on stage and dance with him, NOT have him overpower her and basically attempt to rape her. He would not stop!!! What's sad is the crowd encourages him. I don't have to know the age of the girl. It's irrelevant. Knowing the age, however, makes it worse. He was sooooo out of line! Obviously, his sponsors don't need the oshi[foolishness]. Good that they pulled out their monies for that oshi. Next time he'll think before he acts like a mad horny dog. What an embarassment! BTW, if this 14 year old wants to enjoy 15mins of fame, na her palava be dat. She is 14. Akon is NOT. He is a grown man and his actions are nothing short of foolishness.
Anonymous said…
I agree with you whole hearthedly ladybrille, I am definitely not siding with Akon on this matter. However truth be told I did not see the video but here is what she supposedly said on her my space "girls nite, best time" with the caption underneath the picture. Where was the preacher at the time his young daughter was out and about?
Anonymous said…
I dont agree with u ladybrille... would what he was doing have being okay if she was an adult?maybe...people go to these shows for lots of different reasons...if she was not a minor,then i doubt if anyone would be crying foul unless,say,he sexually assaullted her on stage,in front of evrybody...she could then sue him!but that she's a kid,he absolutely couldnt have known,she doesnt look it one and two, the show was for people 18 and above.SHE,for whatever reason is the deceptive one...i've been to concerts before and these type of seual simulations are the norm, i mean his songs go 'i wanna ....u','smack that'- what do u then expect at his concert?so those who go know what will be happening there.
I dont thnk the girl's age is irrelevant,this is exactly what goes on at adult concerts,it may not be right but it is what it is...like i said,if they hadnt found out she was 14,then the corporate sponsors would not have pulled the plug,if that's right,then its also true that its not Akon's responsibility to have known she was not 18...both she and her preacher family should be taking the flak for this,not Akon..my 2cents!
Anonymous said…
btw,i love ur blog,naijagirl!
Anonymous said…
Ladtbrille I can't say i agrea with you. That girl just made a memory that will last a life time. Without any proof ide asume she tells veryone about it. My ex-girlfreind Natalie, was actualy raped. I dont think she was smiling, and I know she did'nt post pictures of it on myspace.( just watched the video) Wow thats gross, Although in all the pictures, and in most of the video when you can see her it dosnt look like shes having a bad time. Without being with 10 feet of the event I whould say we all cant realy say what happend and how she reacted. Dont get me wrong thow, im not defending Akon. Im just saying that was definatly not rape, not even close. If i had more of a view of the girls face for most of video then i'de say it was prety mutual, she didnt look distressed at anypoint that I could see. (Please excuse some grammer mistakes, I have a wrigting dislexia, ushaly i whouldent go this far in but this time was somthing diffrent)