INSPIRING! The Man behind the brand CATWALK THE WORLD Matthew Mensah

Matthew Mensah is the man behind the brand. Fashion for Charity, raising money
for orphanages in Africa. Catwalk the world has been held in Nigeria, Accra (which featured Oswald Boateng and Damon Dash on the runway) and now
in his words:

'On the 12Th of May RMD and I will go to Sierra Leone to take part in the Walk For Stop Child Hunger and help some Orphanages there'

For some one to have such a good heart and also follow through, is just inspiring!

I have a confession to make here, as a kid I saved my allowance money to buy items for various orphanages and I loved it when I took the items to the orphanage with my best friend who still remembers to this day!

Back to Matthew, here is an interesting fact:

Matthew is dating a wonderful Yoruba lady and is currently not engaged at the moment. But in his words 'WHEN I marry it can only be to a Nigerian girl'.

I am sure readers, you would be waiting for the wedding website soon, right? Kudos to Matthew and keep up the good work!