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This just in readers, Uber Fab fashion designer Duro Olowu tied the knot earlier this year, to be precise on January 2. The question on every one's mind is why did we not hear about it? Well Duro wed Thelma golden the director and chief curator of the studio museum in Harlem. They eloped and tied the knot with two witnesses in tow, artist Glen Lignon and Paper Magazine's Kim Hastreiter.

Expect a big bash in Lagos Nigeria, London and New York soon. What can we say but hey congratulations! We hear her ring is a Tiffany, pave-diamond one, tres chic.

Who needs pictures of fashion show when you have videos! I present to you, Duro Olowu's summer 08 style.

Are you feeling it or what?

Now readers what do you say about this video below, video conferencing to buy shoes pretty high tech stuff, Africa Style.

Remember Checkmate? Well here is a clip from this prestigious soap opera

and another video, this time this one is by KEMISTRY wouldn't you say fab?

Whew! Thats it for now readers, how is your day coming? I love hearing your comments, so go ahead make a girl smile will you, leave your mark via the comments link.


Anonymous said…
First, nice one naijagal keep it up
uniduchess said…
Cheers..... keep up the good work. i'm at the office... browsing with my phone.. so can't see the vid. ... will check back when I get home. .. hope that makes you smile.
Jen Ladi said…
The Checkmate vidoe made me nostalgic...Damn those days!
Anonymous said…
wow...can't even remember that Nobert Young was in the soap then. I really wish these yeye channels in naija could be showing repeats of them instead of those annoying mexican soaps with irritating interpretations.
naijagal said…
@anon thanks
aww thanks uni, it did make me smile.

@ladi yes the checkmate clip has the same effect on me as well:)

exactly wienna,this is exactly my point checkmate should be shown over and over again. It is a classic in every word
Anonymous said…
Im not really feeling his collection..I know that he intentionally put the different patterns together but it just looks like theres too moch going on in most of the outfits
Anonymous said…
just wanted to let you know that the girl in the commercial with the shoes is Tiniepre Oki, former Miss Nigeria Universe (2006)
Hair Azara said…
OMG how did u get the CHECKMATE VIDEO??? CRZY COOL!!!