Spock.com - A Great Place for Search + DEOLA SAGOE Results

Hi readers, it is Wednesday and do I have a post for you on Technology meets fashion Wednesday.

Introducing Spock.com - A Great Place for Search

So there is a site out there called SPOCK! It is cool search engine currently in "beta" that helps you find information about people. A great example this is my search for Designer Deola Sagoe. I typed in Deola Sagoe into the search bar and I got the results gathered from the different websites listed in a user friendly order.

You can search the site by using a tag which was created by the user or by members of spock. You have the option to sign up to become a member of spock, you can add your friends to your account thereby creating an instant community!

The plus side of creating an account is that you can perform reputation management, such as, fixing errors etc

Here a screen shot of the results from the search of Deola Sagoe!

As you can see, underneath the "tags" it lists her state "Ondo"; it also lists programs she is involved in such as "United Nations World Food Program". Underneath the tags column is a section to list "related people" and there is another section to add quotes by Deola Sagoe.

Not to be outdone, it shows pictures from her design line and that is not all, the site allows you to vote on the pictures. You can also find out more about who you search for; for instance, I did a search on Paris Hilton and the results showed her relations on the right side of the page. Talk about an instant family tree. So what do you say readers? Check out the site HERE.

I have also added a search widget on the right side of this page just so you can try out the search and also be sure to sign up.