Okay guys here he is 23 year old, Mr Mark Zuckerberg; unless you have been living under a rock or something, the name should certainly ring a bell! Well according to Valleywag, my favorite all time read. Yes I love the valley and love geeky gossip as well as fashion,

"Number 785 on the Forbes Billionaires list is one Mark Zuckerberg. Forbes estimates his net worth at $1.5 billion -- a far cry from the $5 billion we pegged him at last year -- but still a nice chunk of change. (We've since learned the actual number is $4 billion; he owns 27 percent of Facebook.)

The mag notes that "some analysts -- and even a few Facebook investors -- suggest the company's value is far lower." Even with that proviso, Zuck still ranks as the youngest billionaire in the world and "possibly the youngest self-made billionaire ever." Damn. I can't wait for the call from my mother -- "Mark Zuckerberg is worth a billion dollars. What are you doing with your life?" Thanks a lot, Mark. You're making us all look bad."

Aww alright folks get to it maybe you could be the next FACEBOOK app too! First to market always wins by the way. Also readers be sure to add Naijagal as a link to your blog and let me know I will add yours to mine. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said…
hmmmm, happy for him but not jealous, tho.... i'm not is close relations.
Don't be too hard on urself. Everyone who use facebook made him what he is today. He can come up with any idea, but the truth is, if people do not welcome it, he will be nothing.
You don't have to be a billion to be happy or for your parents to love.
Money can buy friend but not true friends, money cannot buy happiness. money cannot buy good health.
thk God for who u are today, for you never know what you will be tomorrow. (You might be a billion) :-
Naija Sutra said…
ahn ahn, is this our uncle markie zuckerberg?....i love u boo

interesting blog.
O.A.Eddy said…
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O.A.Eddy said…
Dangote, the Nigerian billionaire was also on the list as well.
naijagal said…
thanks for the heads up indegenous productions:)