though it is still summer, here is Duro Olowu's collection for fall 2007!

What do you say readers?

And the winner of miss universe is Miss Japan! All hail the queen! She looked quite suprised to be named the winner. Miss USA came in fourth after falling flat in the evening gown competition. More to come later!

Teen parties in Naija used to be fun, we would go to the party at 2pm and be back at 6pm.

We also had names for the birthday parties, such as, corporate party (which meant that you must wear a tie!) lol, the house party 8 and all that and may I add by invitation only too. What I do remember vividly was going to a friend's party close to my home with my brother, where we all had so much fun!

A classmate of mine came to my home that morning to plead that we pick her up! Well I asked to make sure her parents were aware that she was going because I did not want any yawa!

Of course yes! she replied. So of course I made sure we picked her up. My bro went to the party with his best pal, I got driven to the party by the chauffeur. When I stopped by her house to pick her up, home girl ran out so fast. I got suspicious. Are we not going to greet her folks? I wondered.

She simply said "Oh I do not want us to be late!" Fair enough we headed to the party! We had fun and then we left, I dropped her at home and my brother and I headed home.

Who did we meet at our gate! her folks! In pajamas! I got out of the car, greeting her parents politely then asking if everything was okay!

"Okay so because you think you are in secondary school, you want to spoil your lives eh? I know your dad and I will report you!"

What in the world! My parents knew where I was, what the.....

Well they left once I explained that their daughter had said the event was okay with them. To say I was furious is an understatement .

It turns out after all, that her dad did not trust her. The same guy who said we were trying to spoil our lives tried to pick up a classmate of ours on her way home. When he realized after she told him whose daughter she was, he drove off! That explains his lack of trust for his daughter. Wonder where she is now?

What do you say readers? I want to hear your comments on this one!
Congrats to Timi Dakolo for winning the first ever west african Idols, beating out Olawunmi!

Here are some facts about Timi:

Place of Origin: Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Star Sign: Capricorn

Marital Status: Single

Educational Qualification: Senior Secondary School Certificate

Occupation: Student
Favourite Songs: ‘Dance With My Father’ by Luther Vandross

Favourite Artistes: Lemar, Micheal Bolton

Role Model: Lemar

Hobbies: Singing and Reading

Why did you enter Idols West Africa? Because I can write songs and sing effortlessly

Where did you get your music skill from? Grandma

So readers, did your favorite win?

Check out his blog here

Happy Sunday? Did you watch the inauguration thanksgiving ceremony on NTA? The spinning podium is interesting.

Well the NEA AWARDS has been scheduled for JULY 21ST in New York. I feel they should have more nominees in their list! Also where is the list for blogger of the year? Kudos to the organizers. Will you vote?

Wow I did not know Chamillionaire is from Nigeria. Good to know.

pic from

This is probably the best wedding pictures I have seen! So inspiring!
Bisola's Traditional Wedding
Bisola's wedding!

Love is in the air! Check out the list



A wedding website is a must these days, who started the trend? The first one I saw was probably 4 to 5 years ago! Did you have one or will you have one?
Its friday! This time it is for real. So what are you doing today?

Featured today is designer KAINE BODE GEORGE whose out of Africa designs are just fantastic.

Point to note, she is a medical doctor, now following her true passion.

Her clothes range from N7000-N150000 ($56-900 (approx)) Not bad if I may say so.

Ade Bakare!

And as promised Ade Bakare fashion exhibition recently

Love the marble floors! The yellow dress is simply exciting

Green white green, I could use the third outfit above for work! Wouldn't that just turn heads?

Stride right, this red stunner above could make anyone take a second and third look!

Another cool number above.

Now onto the what the guests at the event wore!

Definitely au couture! Wouldn't you say?

Casual is alright with me too.

Grace Egbagbe and Mrs Bello Osagie

Remember Makari here is a video of the founders! wow they are not light are they?

awwww! Wedding website List
Oyebola weds Gbenga

Jeff and Toyin

Watch this space this weekend for my profile on Oprah Benson

Movie Recommendation.

Guess what Van Vicker Fans! The return of Beyonce movie is out! and it is a must see! (hope you like this new picture of his royal fineness)


I really want to hear your comments on Nornimus music, so readers be sure to let me know your thoughts on the song.

Also check out miss Chili!! looking HOT AT 36! Usher what do you have to say?

and check out her new man, TJHOLMES from CNN! Luv it

If you are in the US, Happy Memorial day weekend!
So readers what do you say?
Its friday! you know what that means! A mix of cool music!! Here goes




Funny enough i used to know all the words to the song!


thats it for now! what do you say readers?

In recent weeks Naija Socialites and Celebrities have been rocking the sari. Here are a one I find gorgeous!

What is it about the Sari?

"sari has often been described as 'the apparel that covers all, yet reveals all. What is it about this length of cloth wrapped around a woman's body that adds so much allure? Visitors from distant kingdoms and empires to India since time immemorial have been tantalized by bewitching Indian women clad in saris."source indianart cart

So how has your week been? How much would you spend on a sari? Or rather how much do you spend on one?
Nike Odu fashion designer to Naija Celebrities showcased her designs at Oceanview Restaurant recently! Here she is standing next to Florence Ita Giwa, face of Makari Cosmetics.

Once again Naijagal is loving the Gold Fabric!

Which outfit is your favorite? If you were planning a wedding, what would your color be? Gold is fast becoming a festive color in Naija or has it always been? What do you say?
Above: Grace Egbagbe stepping out looking georgeous!

Lilac looks nice on Dora Akinluyi above.

Stepping out in Golden Classics thanks to purefoto at the 50th birthday party of Governor Lucky Igbinedion

I must say, I like the golden combination. Watch this space this week, I have a great week planned profiling top designers from KAINE BODE GEORGE to ADE BAKARE!