Loving it! Oh the energy so much fun! Here are the first pictures of PDIDDY in Lagos at the concert!
American Royality and the king of HIPHOP PDIDDY!

pictures by gettyimages!

The kids seem to be having a great time, as shown in the pictures.

NEYO singing and looking cool.

Next stop DBANJ!

Nigeria's superstar DBANJ onstage above! and below once again.

Sasha doing her thing on stage, work it girl

Neyo on stage luv the ladies around him, definitely feeling the look And finally.....

John Legend doing his thing, question where is Tayo? So what do you think readers? Did you go to the concert? This is certainly a positive image for an industrious city!


Naija Gal,
This is the most colourful report on the THIS DAY Live Concert in Lagos city.

You made my day brighter on Bonny Island.

Two thumbs up on your great Nigerian celebrity and society blog!

Cheers and God bless.
Sam Oracle said…
Nice page you've got here.
Miss Opeke said…
I can't believe I am only discovering this blog now...I never knew anything abt the "Deal or No Deal" John Fashanu hosted and some other things I also found out here...I will surely come by again...thanx 4 sharing.
Sister,Glad you covered P-Diddy in Nigeria. As a Sister who 27 years ago came "Back to Africa" to Yorubaland,Nigeria for my roots from amerikkka,I'm proud that Nigeria hosted the show and got P-Diddy "Back to Africa"!
Sister Yeye Akilimali Funua OLade
P-Diddy,don't worry about poverty here,since you too know about poverty coming from the BLack ghettos of amerikkka! Just keep coming back. Here in Nigeria/Africa Black people will treat you like a King! And there is no racism here so you should build your house here like Rita Marley did in Ghana and Issac Hayes. We have our rich people here-join them. They all came out and paid your fee to see you! Just get "Back to Africa" where A Black man can be a MAN!
Your Sister in Nigeria now from Lawrence,Kansas,USA,
Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade