IT IS HER WAIST!!! GOSH HOW FANTASTIC!! CHeck out her interview with punch News. Looks like a lot of LAWYERS in NAIJA just became lawyers to please their parents! Why are we not surprised? SHH! Enjoy the interview below
How did you get into the entertainment world especially being a VJ?
I got into the entertainment industry as soon as I moved back to Nigeria from the UK. I had been away for about 11 years, so moving back was a major step and decision. While I was in the UK, I had delved into various extracurricular activities apart from law school and my education in general. I was into dancing, acting, public speaking and so I knew that once I moved back, the aim would be to put all my skills to work. Within the first few months I was back in Nigeria, I heard that Soundcity was hiring, I did a screen test, my boss liked what I brought to the table and here I am.
What got you attracted to the job?
The major attraction for me was the platform that working as a VJ provided; the opportunity to meet different people from different walks of life.
How has it been building your brand, what challenges have you faced?
Building my brand so far has solely been done by myself and although I’m a DIY (Do It Yourself) person as I hate to rely on anyone, it has been tough because without the general knowledge or help of say a publicist or some sort of representation, I would do or say certain things forgetting I am in the public eye. That is about to change now. I have a very good team behind me now.
How come you love tattoo so much?
You know how people say tattoos last longer than friends? Well that’s why I love tattoos. It’s a form of expression and a way to tell a story that stays with you forever. I like to view my skin as a canvas and every memory or experience, be it good or bad is jotted down, never to be forgotten.
Do the tattoos have certain meanings?
I have eight tattoos. A few are symbolic, a few are quotes that have shaped my life and trail of thought such as “the err of the past is the wisdom of the future” which I have written in Sanskirt. I’ve got the most meaningful one to me being the one on my wrist and it is a dedication to my grandmother who passed away.
While growing up, what did you want to be?
When I was younger, I wanted at a time to be a cheer leader. Yes, it sounds very ridiculous but when one is young, one is so naive and innocent and fails to see reason in a whole lot of things. However, I very quickly outgrew that phase and wanted to be a lawyer.
Would you still practise law or you read law to please your  parents?
My parents were not surprised. My mother especially has always been my number one fan, so she has supported me all the way.
You have had your fair share of media criticism, especially concerning your smoking habit; how have you handled it?
Now for the record, I am not a smoker. Smoking shisha was all I did when I went on holiday. Shisha is all part of middle-eastern culture and I will not apologise for trying something that is in no way harmful to my health. When I get such reports or stories about me, I get very annoyed because blogs love to blow things out of proportion. Smoking shisha in no way puts me into the category of having a ‘smoking habit’.