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VAN VICKER FANS here are new pictures of VAN VICKER during his visit to New york

all I can say is he has a lot of lady fans!
I guess he is also a DJ below

NOW ONTO THE USHER WEDDING SAGA! How The Stylist Got Her Groove Back.

Okay according to

"A source who is close enough to Ursh to know exactly what's going on has relayed some interesting info to YBF. Apparently it is indeed true that Momma Patton wasn't going to their wedding...but it wasn't only because of Tameka. It also had to do with her planning her own wedding and doing interviews she's slated for to get some publicity. Surprise surprise. And now Tameka has been "rushed" to the hospital and has been seen "holding her stomach". But my source says back when she was about 4 months preggers, the whole baby story fizzled THEN and they wouldn't be surprised if there was a miscarriage story to come out in days to come. Wow. And yes, I'm still sticking by my exclusive story from months ago that the baby is/was not Ursh's. Folks everywhere doubted me at first but I see folks hopping on the bandwagon now."

Some folks are pointing to the Enquirer article below as the reason for the wedding being called off.

"Tameka is an ex-con whose first lover was gunned down in a drug-related execution-style shooting." Poor Usher has no idea who he's marrying," Tameka's half sister Valencia Foster told The Enquirer. " Tameka, fleeing from a troubled home life, moved in with Valencia when she was 11. "She arrived with $14 in food stamps in her purse," recalled Valencia. "She turned out to be a nightmare. "By 14, she had become involved with a married drug dealer five years older than her, Valencia says. "I banned him from the house – but four years later she was pregnant with his baby when his car was ambushed and he was riddled with bullets. Tameka missed being with him in the car by minutes." -- The National Enquirer

Whatever it is hope they make it through together.

Update: check out a picture from their second wedding

So what do you think of the pictures? I will be profiling a hot singer later on today so stay tuned in to NAIJAGAL.


Anonymous said…
pssssswwwww,abeg forget dat Usher nonsense ojare. Now back to Van Vicker.....meeeeeeehhhhn now dat's wasssssssuuppp shawty. Dis dude can look good on anything even bikini lasan. Chai, seeing him naked will set someone's BP over 200mmHz. I know TP's declared publicly her love for dis dude but i know we're both in real stiff competition. laaaawwlu.
NG, how u dey do dis thing? Now i always check your blog every 5 mins like Bella's to check on updates.
I like ur blog sista, been reading on the side will leave my comments from now on. So i guess this Van Vicker is Ghanian? Never heard of him. I've been stale of recent shaa, am currently dusting my baffs to hit town again.
Uzo said…
Usher has been saved...he just needs to step back and re-group....LOL
Anonymous said…
My sister recently went to Ghana three months ago and she met Van Vicker and his entire family. He was so nice and was looking very cute. Hahaha. He gave my sister his number and told her to call him so that we could meet up whenever he comes to New Jersey. =]
my name roe i am located at sates alexandria va in america that van vicker visited last month and me,my frien visited him he was fineeeee as a cup cake
Anonymous said…
Anyone interested I found a van vicker fan site at
Anonymous said…
just knew of d van vicker guy. Thot he was Ghana wetin im dey do for Naija film industry.he's looking promising sha
Anonymous said…
Van Vicker when are blessing South Africa with that smile and those eyes, or should a South African gal go all the way to Ghana. I don't mind as long as I will get to meet with you. GOD BLESS!!!

Anitha said…
bite hi van vicker
Anonymous said…
hi van vicker