I have known that beauty comes in curvy sizes as well as size zeros. In Africa, full figured CURVY ladies are certainly considered top beauties as opposed to skinny. Well Ngozi Smith, whose father is Nigerian is currently a contestant on MONIQUE'S NEW SHOW "F.A.T CHANCE".

According to the show's official website,

"At 37, Ngozi is the oldest contestant in the competition. She considers herself a spiritual person. Her name means "God's Blessing". She grew up on the South Side of Chicago and served in the US Army before being honorably discharged. Ngozi enjoys creative writing, photography and cooking. She is a stay at home mom of three children. Her dream is to help her Nigerian father's village by building a state-of-the-art community school"

Check out the trailer of the show below.

Now before you say FAT? F.A.T is an acronym for FABULOUS AND THICK! Here are some pictures of MISS NGOZI. Now don't you just love it? Kudos to her!


Anonymous said…
I saw a short funny clip of d show on The Soup over d w'kend. And it's just too hilarious.
Uzo said…
Cant see the pictures and the link but it does sound interesting
Anonymous said…
Ngozi Okafor-Smith
Glad to be an Ebo girl
all my love thanks for the post looking for me
email address smith_ngozi@yahoo.com