You got it first on NAIJAGAL

Give me a break! A once in a life time experience indeed! How is Barbados any better miss thang! Maybe now THISDAY MUSIC festival will learn to honor their own before spending big cash on so called stars! To think I premiered her video, glad to hear though Miss RhiRhi had a blast in her words. What do you say readers?



Anonymous said…
rihanna was wrong to criticise naija but please try not to compare barbados to nigeria. barbados is miles miles miles better. if u havent been, pls fly there for a holiday
Anonymous said…
she is very ignorant and young minded. I mean she is from barbados for god's sake which not any better than most third world countries. It;s just sad to how other blacks diss Africa in general.
Anonymous said…
Ohhhhh no, she didn't. Thought P.Diddy was bad with what he said, at least he was being realistic with his own but dis takes d crown of them all. I hope d ogas of Thisday will see dis clips and see how these people dem dey honour dey diss us like so and instead use those dollars in sponsoring our own artists in promoting them in and out of naija.
Anonymous said…
NG i just want to commend you on doing a really good job on keeping us current on what's happening concerning naija entertainment.
Keep it up!
Anonymous said…
I have "lived" in some of the five? star hotels in Naija and the plumbing was so old that we had to do everthing except bathe(with disinfectant) with bottled water.That being said,if she had lived with me at my house that has a borehole she would not say the crap that came out of her mouth.Maybe their handlers were erring on the side of caution and suggested that they do not use the water.
@anon 1.25pm that you go on holiday(s) to Barbados does not mean you have lived there. their main industry is tourism so you might be fooled into thinking it is not a developing nation from visiting developed areas of to the indigenes, go to their homes...not much different from Naija.
As for the disorganisation...I say good for the organisers, maybe they will sit up after this.
p.s. This is the same way Oprah said
she gained weight in "Africa" (South Africa) because she was living off bread and potatoes because she did not want to eat the meat (she did not provide the ridiculous reason why not)I say her loss(or gain,pun intended) with their diseased artificial grain fed beef. Abeg, have you seen "Malu" eating corn all day?
I do not drink tap water here in Canada, but I will gladly drink Naija tap water all day, as long as the water is not hard or brown. When in doubt, use (Naija )water filter.
Anonymous said…
well, i don't blame her she's forgotten that she is black,and i don't know what's wrong with all of them that they find it so easy to diss africa and most of them are black.I also live in london and i don't drink their bloody tap water and i would gladly drink naija water, what is she feeling like?I know dis would not stop Thisday from inviting them again,too bad a prophet is not honoured in his own land.
Anonymous said…
I don't understand what eveyone is so upset about. I am a nigerian who was born and raised in america and when I go home I brush my teeth with bottled or boiled water. Medical experts advise it and everyone in my family makes sure I am taken care of when it comes to that. Nigeria is not all bad however nigerian life is rough to people who have never experienced it. I do not see what she said that was so bad.
Anonymous said…
you know when people talk about water in Naija, i'm baffled. I grew up in Naija and i drank tap water not bottled water, and no, we hardly ever boiled the water and we never got any water bourne disease. I only started drinking bottled water when i came abroad. i'd rather drink naija tap water than any other tap water in the states,uk ,france or wherever.

Uzo said…
Wow....The way pple rag on nigeria, one would think it was hell personified...what did diddy say?
Anonymous said…
rihanna interview on Africa concert; no water to brush their teeth

Bradly Jones said…
Thanks for the post. It's like five years of not being in Nigeria has finally made me out-dated for this to be news to me. The change is amazing. Great blog!

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