This is the continuing story of AYE check out the first part here ;

Every one bowed down for the young prince, but no! Aye was simply focused on catch the eye of the pretty girl by  the Prince's side. Finally she looked his way albeit shyly. Waving her delicately designed fan in front of her face she flirting with Aye.

"Will the harvest be ready in time for the yam festival?" The prince asked the farmer in charge. "As you can see my dear, this farm is one of many."
"I see my lord ... it is excellent" She replied, quickly turning her gaze back towards the prince. "It will be a fruitful harvest".
By now, Aye was still staring at the beauty. Luckily no one noticed. But he knew he had to get to know her. Soon the prince waved the entourage to keep moving. Perhaps onto the next farm location.

"Wow isn't she beautiful?"Aye whispered out loud. Dele turned around to face his best friend.
"Who??" Dele asked. "Please do not tell me ..."
"Yes the lady that just left. The one that will cause an emergency! I have to find her!"
"hmmm...stop it Aye, you are asking for trouble oh! I will not be able to save you from this one"
"I like what I see...Dele she could be the one"
Dele laughed!
"The one you must be smoking something." Dele said picking up his hoe to continue digging as he continued to laugh. Aye let him have his laugh. But something in Aye had awoken. He was determined to find this girl. That should not be hard. But how? Where would he start? Maybe his cousin Damilola would know who she is. After all she is the queen of knowing it all. He would ask her at sun set when he gets to return to the village after a long day in the farm.

"Ahh! I know her oh!!" Damilola quipped later that evening. Aye placed his palm over her mouth.
"Shh... do you want everyone to her you? Especially Mama?"
"Aye this one is off limits do not try it you will get killed" she said snatching his palm away from her mouth. 'the prince will kill you."

Just then his mother walked in and asked worriedly "kill who? Aye ?"