FOUNDER STYLE PANTRY AND Wewe, pronounced (weh-weh) means “little ones” in Yoruba, the language and culture of one of the three main tribes in Nigeria, West Africa. Wewe Clothing was born of our deep love for kids and the inspiration they provide. Wewe also aims to fill a void; over the years, we have rarely found fun, ethnic boho pieces for our own children. We hope Wewe will be a great guide for our children, aka “the wewe’s” of the world, to learn about all the different, exciting cultures this world has to offer.

A great deal of our fabrics, trims, and other materials are imported directly from Nigeria. Wewe’s founder and chief designer, Folake Kuye Huntoon, who has been a designer and stylist to celebrities, editorial/fashion magazines, and commercials for years, is a NAIJAGAL based in Beverly Hills, California

We definitely love her style


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