If you want to be in business you MUST get your credit report cleaned up! This is for my readers in the United States. Here is a tip on how to get a free credit report!

This post has probably been written time and time again but it is essential for your financial health to get your annual credit report. Why? you may ask. You need to check for errors in order to have them removed from your credit report.
Believe it or not you can check your credit report annually through a government approved website called . You do not have to sign up for annual monitoring as seen in the television commercials.
By law, you are allowed to receive one credit report annually from all three credit reporting bureaus.
Here is a Tip:
Rather than requesting all three at the same time. You should request one from each bureau every four months. That way you can check your credit report all year round. Be sure to dispute any items with the credit agency which you find incorrect.
Now here is another tip! You can get your credit report free if you have been denied credit, so that is another way!
Also if you are unemployed at the moment get that credit report now!! You can request it for free from equifax