6 Fashion Rules For Professional Women!

Well so Forbes just came out with a list on how to dress as a professional woman and here it is:

The list is by Lacost creative director!
Lacoste's Felipe Oliveira Baptista
Invest In Timeless Classics:
A wardrobe of great basics can go a long way. Baptista suggests that every woman should own “a good coat, a parka, a timeless trench, jeans that flatter, a black dress and, of course, a Lacoste polo.” Those few things can be a great base on which to add jewelry, fashion-forward shoes and a colorful handbag.
Look to the Runway for Inspiration:
Designer runway collections can often seem out of touch with the needs of real women, but they can also be a great place to source fresh fashion inspiration. Color-blocking was a key trend on Lacoste’s Spring 2012 runway, and Baptista suggests looking for “wearable neutral versions of the trend.” Instead of pairing red, green and blue pieces together, which might be too loud for the office, opt for grey, nude and white separates to get the look.
Don’t Try and Dress Like Your Daughter:
The women’s fashion mistake that makes Baptista shudder? Women “dressing a few decades less than their age,” says the designer. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style, but it does mean you should probably trade in the leather miniskirt for a razor sharp pencil skirt.
Shoes Instantly Transform A Look:
The easiest way to take your look from day to night Baptista says is “popping on a pair of heels.” Store a classic pair of black pumps in your desk drawer, so you are always cocktail party ready.
Effortless Chic Is Always In Style:
When designing, Baptista thinks of a woman “who wants fuss-free, desirable and comfortable clothes.” Not surprising sentiments from the Paris-based designer—French women are renowned for having perfected easygoing elegance, or as Baptista often says, “joie de vivre.” The way to achieve this, he says, is through the “mixing of formalwear and sportswear.”
I agree with the do not dress like your daughter bit! What do you say? readers?