Check out this hilarious article culled from some random blog. Hey these are not my words but thought you all might want to know. Written by some TRACY MKWANNABE

"Mary Kay in Nigeria

For a few months, the topic of Mary Kay products in Nigeria has been popping up. Evidence suggests that Mary Kay Cosmetics are being sold in Nigeria, even though the company is not "officially" there and prohibits exporting and selling in countries where the company is not established.

There have also been questions about Nigerian directors in Mary Kay, who seem to have production numbers far beyond the norm, even for "top" directors. How is that possible unless their units are responsible for supplying the whole country of Nigeria with their Mary Kay favorites?

Our detectives went to work and came up with some interesting information... (And scroll all the way to the bottom for my take on all of it.)

THere's a Nigerian online shopping site with plenty of Mary Kay products available.

There is an advertisement for "Nigerian sisters" who want to sell Mary Kay:

Then there's Hermon-Dew , a "...global franchise company that produces, and distributes high brands products." Below is their "About" page, and you can click here to see the page that advertises Mary Kay products.

So what do I think of all of this? There's obviously a market for Mary Kay products in Nigeria. And everyone who sells and ships there is blatantly violating their contracts with Mary Kay.

Why should Mary Kay crack down on the directors who are involved in this? They're producing huge numbers for the company, so there's no incentive. A couple of these directors will do $2 million retail ($1 million) wholesale each this year. That's enough money for Mary Kay to look the other way, I suppose.

But even if Mary Kay did crack down and terminate these directors, they still don't win. Mary Kay has been so selective in their enforcement of their contracts, that they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. Why enforce the contracts with some and not others? So unless Mary Kay is going to systematically weed out every cheating director, why even bother?
contributors of information: Raisinberry, What, and elodie"

These ladies are truly hilarious or what do you say readers!

FACT READERS The #1 Director in the Ruby division, Million $$$ E Kay, from Nigeria and has only been in Mary Kay a few years.

I am going to the biz who will buy from naijagal?


Anonymous said…

hmm na wah oh jealousy is a crime
busybee said…
this is just pure beef + joblessness!
Woomie O! said…
shio. Let us know when you start. I'm not a fan of mary Kay...but I know pple who think the range is the solution to all their marital, emotional, financial and physical problems. lol!

This post only goes on to say, East, West, North, South, Nigerians find a way to make money everywhere.In our veins flow the blodd of hustlers. let them free us o jere.

Nice blog bdw, first time here methinks.
Shubby Doo said…
lagos is the only place i have seen Mary Kay actually selling in a shop!!! i was shocked. this post does not shock me