I am not a therapist so I decided to go ahead share this email I received with you my dear loyal readers!

Dear Naijagal,
I am currently torn, you see I have a job i am not so crazy about, it pays ok but my manager is a pain. She is a micro manager to the core. She gives unreasonable deadlines. I try to explain to her but she would not listen and some times asks if I know what I am doing. Mind you I have over 8 years experience in the area I am working in, which is a complex part of technology. I have been receiving recruiter calls that would pay $15k-20k more than what I make but I wanted to go back to school to try out another industry. What should I do should I take the new opportunity and wait once more?
Thanks ps I love your blog,


Anonymous said…
Hummn the decision is yours babes,see i will answer this question by putting my self in your shoes,before i get a sack and bad reference or something funny i will leave and jump at the other jobs why? because life knows what direction its taken you to but you have a direction in mind,most of the time it does not work out that way..ok...what i do is, aim for the highest, hope for the best and let life take it from there,if you donot like your job and others are calling for you,how else do you want your prayers to be answered abeg sack your boss bo.
Naija gal go on soun (G0 GAL)