so Google hosted celebrities at the google event in Victoria Island. Here are some cute photos from the event.Celebrities were hosted in an exclusive Google+ experience last Lagos on Thursday at the Get Arena at 10p.m.. The Google Nigeria team shared the bells and whistles of Google+.


 Google+ is a social content platform launched in 2011 with currently over 90 million active and it is enabling people all over the world to connect around content of mutual interest. “Google is keen to give a small and select group of Nigerian celebrities, social influencers and content creators a unique and in-depth look at all Google+ has to offer, including integration with YouTube and Google Search, and help them become among the first to get fully on-boarded onto this new social platform.” the official statement read. At the event the selected guests will: learn about the bells and whistles of Google+ and integration with YouTube, get ideas on exciting things to do with Google + fans, Experience a Google+ “Hangout” – a magical way of connecting with select fans online, and elevate the performance of their brand in Google Search.