Chidi Mokemes wedding slated for April 27! Word is he is smitten with bride to be!

A wedding bell is tolling for a Nigerian popular actor. This is also another wonderful news to anyone who has known him for years. This is because many have come to the conclusion that this confirmed bachelor would never settle down into holy matrimony. This impression was solidified after his disinclination to marry a lady who bore him a child some few years back. All that is now history as the model and fashion designer has finally picked April 27 for his wedding after meeting a new love some months back. He was so ensnared by her that he resolved to make her Mrs Mokeme. Newswatch gathered that the only factor that might make the actor shift his wedding date forward is that Adia Ukoyen, who sired his child, is getting married on the same day as Mokeme. Someone has to do some adjustments because both parents fervently want the attendance of their son at both weddings. We heard chidi thinks he is the Will smith of Nigeria do you agree??