94-year-old Billionaire Marries for Fifth Time. Says he wants more children!

94 year old billionaire weds for the fifth time! Don't you just love reading stories like this? This wealthy guy is getting married once again proving age is just a number!

[caption id="attachment_32543" align="alignnone" width="533" caption="Billionaire Karl Wlaschek (right) and his fiancée Rikki Schenk. photo source forbes.com"]94 year old forbes billionaire to wed for fifth time[/caption]

Forbes reports
Austrian billionaire Karl Wlaschek plans to get married in the next few days, according to the Vienna Times. Ordinarily, this news might not be such a surprise, but Wlaschek is an amazing 94 years old, and this will be his fifth marriage.

Wlaschek is the fifth-oldest billionaire in the world after only Walter Haefner, David Rockefeller Sr., Albert Ueltschi, and Kirk Kerkorian. He founded the Austrian retail chain Billa and sold it for about $1 billion in 1996, after more than four decades of ownership. Since then, Wlaschek has invested heavily in prime Austrian real estate and is now one of the largest private real estate owners in the country

Don't you just love stories like this a 94-year-old Billionaire is getting married for the fifth time. Hey who are we to judge if you have $1 billion  at 94 years old you can do whatever it you want . He has four children from his previous four marriages . He said he would love to have some more yes. However, there might be a cog in this wheel. The issue is the age of his wife. Although she will not reveal how old she is exactly. She did make a mention to the vienna times that she is not so young anymore. Simply saying “After all, I am not so young any more.”.

Oh well billions might just make that possible. She could pay a surrogate or use her means to birth one. Will you marry at 94 if you had a billion dollars? Perhaps the JP morgan lady should ask Rikki how she caught her man right?