Adeola Adegoke quit her job to go on American Idol. Lets just say our Naijagal's performance was not her best. But guess what! Simon kindly called her boss who agreed to give her back her job. How sweet wouldn't you say?

Here is what Idol Chatter says,

First hopeful Adeola Adegoke left her job to audition with And I Am Telling You from Dreamgirls. You've heard the saying, "Don't quit your day job"? It was made for her. Simon actually tries to get Adeola Adegoke -- and succeeds! (See, he's not all bad.)
Kimora lee Simmons with her man Djimon Honsou yesterday looking smashing!

Months after walking down the isle in a celebrity themed wedding with group managing director of Transcorp, Tom Iseghoni, twenty four year old erstwhile most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Anita Uwagbale is expecting a baby in a few months; Spotted at the Lekki Palms shopping center (the place to be) where she was buying household items. Congratulations Anita!

And so you have it, superstar extraordinary has said categorically that he will not be marrying any of his "baby mamas". Omg, we say that is going to be a problem. Here is what we gathered:

In an interview given to Kemi Lawal (we have highlighted the exciting bits!)

YOU spent more time outside the country in 2008; was it a deliberate act?

Tuface: Yes, I was away most of the time. I really would not say it was pre-planned, but it was due to so many people wanting to see me in different parts of the world. So I had to be there.

Were you running away from stiff competition or the artistes that were springing up here and there (at home)?

Tuface: I am not part of any competition so I can‘t be running away. Competition is good. It helps you better your act. So if I am to run away from anything, it definitely would not be that. I don‘t see myself competing with anybody. Dey fit dey overthrow themselves, me I no follow anybody rub shoulder.

But you know a king cannot rule forever?

Tuface: Anybody talk say I be king? I am Tuface Idibia, I am on my own.

During your sojourn, was the response any different from what obtains in Nigeria?

Tuface: It was nice, I must confess. I was in the Caribbean, Australia, (and other parts of) Africa.

It is not enough performing in these countries, how well is your album doing out there?

Tuface: So far I am yet to organise my distribution overseas, so I‘m not making sales in the real sense of the word. Most of the copies you get there are the ones private individuals bought from Nigeria and took over there. I am working at putting up a proper distribution channel.

The foreign shows must pay better?

Tuface: There is really not much difference. It‘s not everywhere though. In some parts of the world, I get what you people term big money.

Which of these countries did you perceive the largest fan base?

Tuface: Hmm, that must have been the Caribbean – Barbados, Jamaica.

Is that one of the reasons you featured Shaka Demos ‘N‘ the Pliers in your new album?

Tuface: Yeah, that is also part of it. Nigeria is ripe for such collabos.

I see a lot of collabos with foreign artistes…

Tuface: I‘m still out for my Nigerian fans. It‘s not about ditching them. I just wanted to do something that would appeal to both ends.

Apart from African Queen, which of your songs is quite popular out there?

Tuface: If Love is a Crime, True Love and I think, One Love.

Do you still consider leaving Kennis Music to float your own label a timely decision?

Tuface: Since I left them, I have not released an album until now. I have been doing concerts and working on other things. Now that I have released an album, in a few months, I should be able to measure my level of success. Between when I left and now, I have received the World Music Award and the Africa Australia Music Award. So you be the judge if I‘m doing well or not. Some Nigerians just wake up one morning and say rubbish. They don‘t care how long you have been at one place doing your thing.

Can you restate the reason/s why you left Kennis?

Tuface: The only reason is growth on my own part.

While with them, did you feel your development was hampered in any way?

Tuface: No, it was not, but you know as a human being, you want to be liberated from certain things. You want to be your own man, experience a few things all by yourself. I don‘t want to be spoon-fed all the time. There is more to life than that. I really don‘t care if I make mistakes; I will learn from it and not sit and cry over it. Now nobody will clean up the spilt milk for me. I must tell you, I have a brotherly relationship with them. No fight, no regrets. We still do some things together; they still get shows for me, but it is not like I am still with Kennis.

In 2008 also, aside from your career, your women and babies also made news, I mean three mothers, five kids successively…

Tuface: The public made a great feast out of my private life and that is because I did not pretend about all the happenings in it. People can talk about an incident, but it is horrifying when it becomes malicious and negative. Then you know there is a motive behind it beyond the fact that one girl is pregnant for Tuface. I love my kids and I do not want to be crucified for having them. Of course kids are beautiful gifts from God so why should I refuse them? I don‘t want these kids to suffer because of what you or the next person feels. They have come, they have come and there is nothing I can do about it. The only thing I can do is show them immeasurable love. In case you do not know, my children give me so much joy. My eyes glisten when I see them or hear their voices. Imagine how much joy the five of them give me. It‘s enough to last me forever.

If you are privileged to live another life, will you still do things the same way?

Tuface: E for fit still happen the same way oh, I no know. Na only God know.

Have you ever thought of the kids who are looking up to you as a role model?

Tuface: That‘s true oh. I understand you. Wetin I go talk now. I‘m not going to start killing myself. I just want to show my kids love and respect their mothers. I apologise to those I have disappointed, those that look up to me. I no tell anybody say na me holy pass but anybody wey no fit live the way I dey live make e no follow me do as I do. All these other artistes, I just want them to learn from me. Now I am their scapegoat.

Were the pregnancies planned?

Tuface: What do you think? They were of course.

So you were thinking when you did it?

Tuface: Yes, not just once but twice. The same people, so what does that tell you?

I don‘t know. Why don‘t you tell me?

Tuface: The same people carry belle for one person two times, reason it.

Are we expecting the third set of pregnancies?

Tuface: Don‘t expect the third one from anybody, e don do me like that.

So you are not looking at having anymore kids?

Tuface: I have hung my boots.

When are you getting married?

Tuface: Very soon; possibly 2009.

Will it be any of your babies‘ mamas?

Tuface: No.

Pero Adeniyi has been labelled the enfant terrible among your women. What is the present state of her relationship with your mum?
pictured above Pero

Tuface: That is one issue that really hurts me the most. As I told you, when people write about me that I have a child some where, they do it with a malicious intent which is to mess me up. They do not restrict their stories to me; they go ahead and involve innocent family members that do not even have a hand on the issue. If they want to destroy me, fine, but when they decide to they should know those people to leave out. The whole thing is demoralising. It sends me into an abyss of sadness. I don‘t want to talk about it.

If you choose to keep sealed lips, you are only leaving room for more talk.

Tuface: Accepted, both families do not like the fact that we are having kids out of wedlock. No family would smile at that, so it is nothing unusual that I and Pero‘s families are not glad. The deed has been done; the kids are here and we are concentrating our energy on caring for them. All that talk is bullshit.

How did you pull off the collabo with R Kelly?

Tuface: The meeting between R Kelly and I was facilitated by Mr. Toyin Subair of HiTV. He produced the beats which he sent to me. It‘s not like we were in the studio together, but we met. He invited me to his concert and tours, but I could not make all. I‘m doing all these collabos because Naija music has come a long way, so this is one of the ways we can further emblazon our coming of age.

Do you have other artistes on your record label?

Tuface: There is Rock Steady and Mallam Spicy is about coming on board. We are avoiding taking on too many people.

Will Unstoppable measure up to your previous albums?

Tuface: Unstoppable is on its own, it‘s come to stay. It‘s just basically a combination of different tunes and feel good songs, spiritual songs.

Will you be spending more time in Nigeria in 2009?

Tuface: It‘s a two-way thing. My usual travels but I will be here also.

Why did you decide to float an NGO for kids?

Tuface: I think that is the foundation, the beginning when you can mould these minds into desirable characters. Above that, I think it’s service to humanity.

I heard you visited Liberia not too long ago.

Tuface: That is true. It was the Liberia Unite against AIDS, a concert. I was there with Aki and Paw Paw. We visited a few orphanages. I also performed at a show at the stadium in Liberia. It was a massive one.

Sometimes ago, you were criticised for shooting a video wearing the national colours of Ghana.

Tuface: I have come to realise that some people cannot see beyond their noses. Their thoughts are limited therefore, they react at the spur of the moment. So what if I am wearing a Ghanaian tee shirt? Everyone knows I am a Nigerian. After all, Snoop went to Brazil to shoot a video and wore the country‘s national colours, did anybody crucify him?

America is up there. It would be nice for you to project Nigeria.

Tuface: My sister don‘t worry, I will wear Togo for the next video. It is just one love for Africa, not that I am trying to disrespect Nigeria.

Why do you think there are a lot of misconceptions about you?

Tuface: I no know oh. I am me, dey try live my life and I do not interfere in anybody‘s business. Many people are trying to make me not to be friendly, but they won‘t succeed in changing me. I‘m beginning to get suspicious of everybody around me. Forget what anybody says, you see those children of mine, they will be multipliers of joy and blessings in my life.

How is Unstoppable doing in the market?

Tuface: I don‘t want to think about that just a yet, but I am being told over a million copies have been sold. The assessment is usually done after three months, so let‘s keep our fingers crossed.

What is Hypertek FC all about?

Tuface: I put together a football team. It is just a group of boys, like 27 in my hood at FESTAC. You know I used to play football for fun. I have been sponsoring these boys solely for a year now, trying to keep them out of trouble. One of them was just called up to junior team of AC Milan.

Why are you restricting enrolment to FESTAC?

Tuface: You are getting it wrong. These are the number of boys I can cater for now. If I get sponsors to partner with, I will be able to take in more boys. I recognise the fact that talents abound everywhere
Omg! That is all we can say! Never mind us, in our follow up section, we will reveal who his bride to be really is! What do you say ?
Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua gave his daugther away in marriage to Bauchi state Governor Isa Yaguda; she is his fourth wife. They certainly look good together wouldn't you say?

Pictured above: President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua (right), his wife, Turai (second right), wife of the Vice President, Patience (left); the VP, Goodluck Jonathan; Bauchi State Governor, Isa Yuguda and his new wife, Nasifa, during the wedding reception of Yuguda and Nasifa at the State House Banquet Hall, Abuja .... last weekend.

Written by Bridget Amaraegbu
Saturday, 17 January 2009
She stands a little above six feet. And when she walks, it is with such grace that you can’t but look in her direction. Be it in on the runway or on the streets Dayo Babatunde the Naomi Campbell of modern day Nigerian fashion industry is a sight to behold.

Dark in complexion Dayo succeeded in a world where it was a crime not to be fair or outrightly put, an Oyibo to become a model.

She shares her experience as one of the oldest surviving models in the country. With more than two decades of experience in the kitty Dayo seems to have seen it all in a world where some model lives in a world ruled by fun seeking men who would do anything to get between their legs. Enjoy:

Before now you were one of the top models in the country, but you’ve been out of circulation, what happened?
Basically two things happened. Firstly I got a PR job with Eko Hotels and couldn’t combine modeling and the job. I had to put in more time to the PR job. Secondly I was making some arrangements to travel out of the country and so I did a lot of thinking and running around.

What inspired your going into modeling, was it your height?

My height yes, but that wasn’t what actually pushed me into modeling because I didn’t even know that height had anything to do with it. It was actually people that made me go into it. Before I went into modeling I was young and people kept asking if I was a model and I’ll say no.

Many of them asked me to try and get into it. That was how I developed the interest and started asking questions on how I can go about it. It was when I met with Yemi Fawah who was managing a modeling school then that things began to shape up. I went through her school and she did all she could to put me in the right place.

What was modeling like in Nigeria when you came into it?

At that time, modeling in Nigeria was fantastic. We were more into fashion modeling even though we also did photo modeling for bill boards, calendar’s and magazines. So because we were more into fashion, we had something to showcase almost every weeks end. We had international organisations coming to Nigeria to hold fashion shows as well as some local organistaions too.

For us it was a lot of fun because we were making some little money which was enough to cater for our needs and we were living big. The difference was that we were not thinking of going international because we were popular which was equally good for us.

Do you think modeling in Nigeria has changed from what it used to be in those days?

Yes, today it has gotten much better than it was in those days. Today Nigerian models are doing very well both at home and abroad. They earn foreign exchange which is good for the country aside that, people are more respected in this field today. These days parents encourage their children to go into modeling, beauty pageant etc. Aside modeling, everything entertainment is a lot better today.

Can you tell us some challenges that goes with modeling?

A lot of challenges. This industry requires a lot of patience, focus, integrity, discipline and diplomacy. In this business you come across different people mostly wealthy men and women, but if you’re not careful or focused then be prepared to miss your track.

Apart from the glamour that goes with being a model, you will also meet a lot of men who make passes at you because doing modeling job exposes all the feminine aspect of you and most men will want to take advantage of that. It takes a great sense of discipline, focus and integrity to be able to stand tall in this business. Offers from men could be a very serious hurdle because if you are not careful, you’ll end up going with the men.

One major challenge that almost killed our dream in those days was the issue of complexion. Most designers preferred light skinned models and I’m dark skinned but I was lucky because my height and figure was outstanding while other models had the complexion, none of them had my height. I also had a very unique look.

In fact most people called me Grace Jones so that way I was able to scale through that aspect. Then it was difficult to mention the 1st, 2nd or 3rd models in Nigeria without mentioning Dayo Babatunde. Complexion was a serious barrier that affected most models but I thank God, it didn’t affect me because of my height.

I also tried my best to ward off passes from men because I knew where I was going. I took modeling as my job while some were in it for the fantasy alone.

Before now people made jest of persons as tall as yourself, did you have any such encounter?

No. I’ll tell you something, I’m a very graceful person so I never got any nasty comments on my height. Instead when I walk on the streets you’ll see cars parked to know who this person is, but then I was much younger anyway. Even now I don’t think I look too bad but then anywhere I go to, people will want to know me because I have this carriage and body structure that is very outstanding.

How long have you been in this industry?

I started modeling when I was 18 and right now I’m in my mid forties. But I stopped being on the run way like five years ago and since then I’ve been training models. Now I manage a fashion house called Dayo’s Collection and I’m now more focused on building and training models and creating awareness for my outfit.

Do you think modeling in Nigeria still needs improvement?

Yes I think so because the industry still needs to be tapped into. Right now I’m doing a reality show to empower models and winners will equally emerge (a male & female). This empowerment will help them to go out for international competitions, become brand ambassadors for companies like Guinness Nigeria PLC did with Michael Power.

We want to ensure that our models can stand the chance to become brands for multi-national companies. This reality show is also aimed at bringing models together, promote modeling business in this country, encourage upcoming models and empower them by teaching them the rudiments of the job. We also want to see how we can build models who will become ambassadors for this country.

We will assess their catwalks, fashion sense, eating habit, grammar and so on. At the same time it will serve as a foundation for my modeling academy which I already have in line. I’m still talking to some state governments and individuals who have interest in this business. And very soon by God’s grace this academy will materialise.

The reality show will be on air for about two and half months and we hope to house 14-18. I’ve had this in mind ever before now, but there was no encouragement but right now I think I’m the right person to start it. I just have to start.

During this reality show, we’ll have guest speakers who will on topics ranging from health, contracts and the disadvantages and advantages of this business. The reality show is tagged Top Model Standing.

Going by your experience, I’ll like you to rate modeling business in Nigeria?

In this business we have the likes of Oluchi, Bisi Sobowale, whom I trained and she is doing very well for herself. If I have to rate modeling business in Nigeria, I’ll give it 40%.

That means there’s a lot of work to be done?.

Yes. First we need a modeling association, it existed during the time of Yemi Fawaz but at a point she left the country and the association died. I know we have modeling agency but I can say they are not doing much. If we have an association, we’ll be able to move this industry forward because the agencies are more interested in getting the contract and making their commission leaving the model in question with a little change.

Through this reality show I want to create a network for all the models in Nigeria so that we can easily interact with our international counterparts. By doing this we can organise our shows by yourself.

If you were asked to inject one idea that may improve the industry, what’s the first thing you’d do?

I’ll start from letting the models understand the rudiments of the job and letting upcoming models know the qualities of a model.

As a model, do you believe in a feminist society?

That’s a big question. Yes I believe in women because I’m a woman but I’m not taking away the rights of the men. In the modeling world right now, we have many handsome men in the business so its not just the ladies world anymore. I can say it’s at a 40-60 ratio, so the guys are doing well too in the field.

Do you have any favourite designer?

Yes I like Nigerian designers. I like Labanela for the class of people she designs for (older people) and I like Frank Oshodi who designs for the younger people, I also like Nobel for his original designs.

What’s your love life like?

I have a relationship that’s been on for about eight years and we are still very close. I also have a very handsome son who is about 12 years old but I am separated from the father.

I’m not a party person instead, I like going to the beach with my friend and my son (just 3 of us). I love to treat myself to very good food at home. My love life is very private and I don’t want to expose it.
I know you’ll wish to get married someday...

Yes, why not if it pleases God. Every woman wants to live under a man’s roof and I’m not an exception. I know I’ll make a very good wife because I’m very humble, respectful, tolerant and very easy going.
Describe your dream man....

You can see I’m very tall so I want a tall man who is well structured. He should be about my age and not younger. He must be a God fearing man. And above all, he has to be handsome, loving and ready to accept my son because my son comes first before any other person.

And as always you saw it here first on Naijagal; others follow
Short dresses seem to be everywhere in Naija; so we are taking a poll and play a game called who rocked the look!! Here are four dresses of the same look. Whose stylist do you feel did an excellent job??

Go on don't be shy place your comments now; we want to know.
These dollars are too cool, take a look at President Obama's new action dolls by japanese toy makers by reading deblush; so how is your day going today? We have new posts so stay tuned!
Amazing! my favorite movie of the year just got 10 nominations!! 3 for a favorite musical genius, RAHMAN
According to ibnlive,

Slumdog has been nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay (Simon Beaufoy), Best Picture, Best Original Score (A R Rahman), Best Song (One each for Jai Ho and O Saya), Best editing, Best Sound Mixing (Resul Pookutty), Best Sound Editing (Resul Pookutty), Best Cinematography and Best Director (Danny Boyle) at the Oscars.

Slumdog Millionare has already bagged four coveted Golden Globes and multiple Bafta nominations.

The nominations were announced at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Samuel Goldwyn Theatre by Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker. The awards will be announced on February 22 at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre.

This is the first time that an Indian has won more than one nomination in Oscar history. Reacting to the nominations, Rahman said: "I did not think it will get there. God has been really kind. And I have to really thank the prayers of all the people and their good wishes.

If you have not seen this movie, I have no idea what you are waiting for!!It is certainly a must see movie!Okay check out the music clips below of the songs nominated (I have a huge feeling one will WIN!)

And here is a scene from the movie.

This is the first time India has been nominated in more than one category at the oscars! Great work, wouldn't you say?
Hmm can we say interesting? Oceanic bank makes good use of the word CHANGE and Mouka foam... well read on!

Lagos, Nigeria - While Americans revel in the festivities surrounding the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama in far away Washington DC on Tuesday, Nigerian firms were cashing in on the inauguration to advertise their products.

The inauguration of Obama as the 44th President of the United States has generated widespread interest here, with most newspapers Tuesday devoting several pages to the ceremony.

The fairy tale story of Obama, born to a Kenya father and a white American mother, has made the President-elect a brand to associate with in these parts, and across the world.

That fact is not lost on Nigerian companies, many of which placed full page adverts in local newspapers Tuesday to be part of the inauguration train, while also hoping the Obama brand name will rub off on theirs.

Banks, aviation firms and manufacturers are among those milking what an analysts tagged the 'Obama cow'.

``Great Mattress, Great Dreams'' was the catchphrase in a full-page advert placed by mattress maker 'Mouka' in several papers on Tuesday.

In the advert, a sleeping but surprisingly smiling Obama was esconced in what seems a fluffy mattress made by Mouka, as he dreamt about the White House.

''Congratulations to President Barack Obama, the 44th and first African American President of America'' the advert read.

''With nothing but a funny name and an awesome dream, you've shown the world that if we can dream it, YES WE CAN achieve it,'' it said.

Also milking the cow is 'Oceanic', one of Nigeria's foremost banks.

''Today is a good day. CHANGE is here. 20th January, 2009,'' the bank wrote in its advert, splashed with the a photograph of Obama making a speech.

Cable tv operator 'Multichoice' also aligned its DSTV brand with the inauguration, with a full page newspaper advert that reads: ''JANUARY 20th: Obama's date with history - Only on DSTV!''

A photograph of a smiling Obama was also splashed on the page.

DAARSAT, which has just launched a cable TV, and Bristow Helicopters, which is announcing a job vacancy, used the picture of the President-elect in their advertisements Tuesday.

''Nothing succeeds like success. If the man (Obama) had lost the election, I doubt if he would have featured in those adverts!'' said Ayo Ojo, a local journalist.
Jon Favreau, head speech writer for US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

According to the uk guardian,

Jon Favreau, 27, is, as Obama himself puts it, the president's mind reader. He is the youngest chief speechwriter on record in the White House, and, despite such youth, was at the centre of discussions of the content of today's speech, one which has so much riding on it.

For a politician whose rise to prominence was largely built upon his powers as an orator, Obama is well versed in the arts of speech-making. But today's effort will tower over all previous ones.

It is not just that Obama has set an extremely high bar by invoking the inaugural speeches of Abraham Lincoln as his inspiration - admitting to feeling "intimidated" when he read them. It is also that, as he begins his term with the US in an economic crisis and two wars, he knows he needs to kick start his presidency with a soaring rhetoric that both moves and motivates the American people.

More from Nytimes

Name: Jonathan Favreau

Chosen for: Director of speechwriting

Would bring to the job: Five years of speechwriting experience, and the total trust of Mr. Obama. He helped write every major speech during the presidential race, and can recite some verbatim.

Is linked to Mr. Obama by: A chance encounter at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Mr. Favreau, then a speechwriter for Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee, was dispatched to interrupt Mr. Obama’s rehearsal of his convention speech to ask him to cut an overlapping line. (Mr. Favreau recalled that Mr. Obama looked at him “kind of confused — like, ‘Who is this kid?’ ”) With Mr. Obama’s election to the Senate, Mr. Favreau was hired as a member of his staff, and he has been his speechwriter ever since. The two men are also linked by a fierce Red Sox (Mr. Favreau)-White Sox (Mr. Obama) rivalry.

In his own words: “He gives me lines that he wants to use, phrases, ideas — he sends me e-mails with chunks of outlines and speeches — so it’s a real collaborative effort. It’s very much a two-way street. It’s a little bit like being Tom Brady’s quarterback coach.” (In an interview on WBZ-TV, Boston, February 2008)

Used to work as: A press assistant in Mr. Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2003; he was promoted to speechwriter that November. In college, he interned in Mr. Kerry’s office. He was the opinion editor on his college newspaper and spent his summers during high school as a telemarketer, selling newspapers.

Carries as baggage: Not much, but he shares partial responsibility for Mr. Obama’s reputation during the campaign as emphasizing lofty rhetoric over substance. That line of criticism helped Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton stage her primary comeback in New Hampshire and put Mr. Obama on the defensive at points.

Is otherwise known for: Being obsessed with polls and worrying over them endlessly. He also has the same name as the actor Jon Favreau, of “Swingers” fame, but they are not related. The political Favreau goes by the nickname “Favs” and excels at the Xbox 360 video game Rock Band — he is known for his prowess on the guitar and his love of the microphone. He is afraid of flying.

Biography: Born June 2, 1981, in Winchester, Mass. ... grew up in North Reading, Mass. in political science from the College of the Holy Cross in 2003. ... just bought his first condominium, sandwiched between Dupont and the U Street corridor in Washington.

I just love the new president can you say hot! Young folks are certainly getting admitted in his administration!
You can tell she is daddy's girl

Pics Source (AP and Getty)
Wow may I just say the trip to the inauguration was certainly worth it; Cold or not, you would hardly have noticed based on the excitement in the air. I must say, though the trains (metro) were packed, it turned out to be a really smooth ride; everyone was courteous to one another.

The emotion from the crowd when President Obama got sworn in was simply electrical; Flags waving people hugging. One guy said to me "would you believe we turned Virginia Blue?"

I smiled inwardly at the thought; who would have thought? Everyone hugged, cried, laughed and "boy" the first kids looked so cute. By the way J CREW'S website crashed yesterday, thanks in part to everyone trying to order the same outfits worn at the inauguration by the first children, Sasha and Malia.
pics (AP and Getty)

The parade was exciting and I have to say this I have so much respect and love for First Lady Michelle Obama because she is simply amazing, down to earth and classy. Here are two pictures from my personal book not from Reuters;

No you are not going to see one of me just yet.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was when I ran into Richard Branson who said "congratulations"

I also ran into a family from Kenya, the mother proudly strapped her baby on her back and what can I say but it felt truly like being home.

America is renewed and so is Naijagal. From this day onward this blog is going fully international without leaving out the original content. I have been asked by my readers in South Africa, Kenya, England and other countries to include articles relating to their countries and I intend to oblige;

Truly a magical day; now how did you spend the inauguration day? Talk about it by placing your comments; I want to know.

At the age of 26, Jason Wu has accomplished more than most in the toy industry. For 10 years this year, Wu has turned Integrity Toys Inc. from a producer of mass-market toys to a producer of high-end collectible dolls. His Fashion Royalty line had soared in sales over most of its competitors in its first two years alone and now, seven years since its creation, sports a loyal fan base that rapidly increases every day.
Born and raised in Taipei, Wu has traveled the world from early on in life. He spent a portion of his life living and studying in Canada, France, and different parts of the United States before establishing himself in New York City where he attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design.

picture credit (ap)

Would you believe he only began his label three years ago? Talk about a stroke of luck and good design; what do you say readers; do you love the look? I do!
pic source abc.comHey readers what a wonderful day it has been!!! I hope you enjoyed watching the live inauguration on here! Well check out the pic above, ahh pure bliss. Can you say what a lovely couple!

You can watch it live here on NAIJAGAL!!!


What makes a woman beautiful? I have heard this question asked time and time again; in my opinion her eyes make her stand out. What could be more fitting today than to speak on how as a beautiful lady you too can enhance your look!

First off, we are going to take a cue from the a cool site for finding eye makeup and products that enhance the eyes by showing you a video that shows you how to apply that eye makeup on this new day!

Ever wondered how to get that smokey look? Ateyaa shows you how to do this:

Style hive is a favorite hangout of mine; it is treasure chest of fashion and style and make up especially in this new year. So are you ready to go out and create the look? There are a ton of products for eye makeup on here!

Now here is a tip if you have beautiful brown eyes, try a trendy bright for a magical great contrast! And readers for any every eye check out a cool trick to make your eyes look brighter line the inner rims of your eyes with a shimmery white eye pencil.

Make it a beautiful day!

Did that get you shaking your waist or what???

This video is not bad or what do you say?


Okay, So I did a lot of thinking in my jubilant mood and let me tell you in little words what having President Elect Barack Obama means to me.

Well as you may recall in one of my previous posts; I talked about how I guess "I am an Obama Girl", well it is ever so more evident now as I smile each time people ask if my last name ( similarly sounding like Obama) is from the same area in Africa as Obama; It is now so COOL to have an unusual name, you no longer have to spell it out; people actually make an effort to pronounce it.

That certainly is a change and one that I am proud of, it is evident in the smiles as you pass everyone, change has come; I will be at the inauguration, will you be there?

Here is what his step Mother, KEZIA OBAMA had to say about Barack Obama,
according to the daily mail:

"Barack Jr was really happy to meet us. He was really eager to see the family home and to see where his father was buried. He was quiet and was always reading history books.

"Now, still, he can be quiet but he has a good sense of humour and is good with people. He treats everybody the same, whether it is the cleaner or the managing director. He has the common touch.

"I'm very proud that he wants to include us in his life. As a family, we are very friendly, very close.

"The family are still very important to him. That would make Barack Sr very happy.

"We have seen each other many times since that first visit, in the US, in Kenya and in England. I was very fond of Barack Jr's mother, Ann.

"She came to Kenya after Barack Snr died and she and I became great friends. She was like a sister to me."

Now wow check out the pictures below:


His Grandmother on her way to the US

What are you plans for the inauguration? If you cannot attend, you can watch it on here LIVE!

Countdown begins oh joy!!
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Well she is certainly the new supermodel and entrepreneur to watch; pretty much not seen since the era of Oluchi or Iman! She could even be the next Tyra Banks and you know what she has got a secret and we can tell you what it is!

She was rumored by the British tabloids to be dating JUDE LAW! Apparently, that has been denied by the actor but we will never know;

What we do know of her is this:

She was spotted at 17 to be a model, she DJs at a popular British spot called Bungalow 8; But get this is she has a good role in a yet to be released HOLLY WOOD movie with Dustin Hoffman.

And her secret:

She can tie a Cherry stalk with her tongue!

Okay now! What do you say readers? You heard it first on here; now watch the others follow!
pic source: daily telegraph
Imagine that! Who would have thought guys would bid so much? Natalie Dylan auctions off her virginity to pay for grad school.

The story comes from Daily Telegraph , saying the price has now hit $3.7 million:
"Last September, when her auction came to light, she had received bids up to £162,000 ($243,000) but since then interest in her has rocketed.

The student who has a degree in Women's Studies insisted she was not demeaning herself."

Apparently she got inspired by her sister who earned money from the three weeks of prostitution to pay for her grad school.

"Miss Dylan, from San Diego, California, USA, said she was persuaded to offer herself to the highest bidder after her sister Avia, 23, paid for her own degree after working as a prostitute for three weeks.

She said she had had a lot of attention from a wide range of men, including "weirdos", "those who get really graphically sexual about what they want to do to me" and "lots of polite requests from rich businessmen".

Hmm what do you say readers? Not a bad price? Do you think she is crazy?

The lovely couple Akinola and Adebola (the govenor's cousin) pictured above. The wedding took place at Hoare's Methodist Church in Yaba and the reception at Unilag's multipurpose hall. Chairman of the occasion was the former inspector general of police, Alhaji Musiliu Smith;
I must say I am loving the traditional strawberry cake.
Next stop our girl Uru's article from the latest edition of True LOVE MA

She likes to do things in her own way, in her own time. It’s an attitude that has had her labeled as “stubborn” and “headstrong” by some since childhood. But, as far as she and her fans are
concerned, it’s an attitude that works for her. It has helped her to maintain her focus and sense of self in the notoriously image-centric music industry.
After years away from Nigeria, Uru is experiencing a homecoming in more ways than one.
After pursuing an education and a career in the United States, she is returning, bearing gifts: an offering of her third album, Africa Mma, which she
is launching in Nigeria before taking it
to other parts of the world. “I have been
trying to come home to launch it for a
while,” she says.
It is an album Uru is clearly very proud
of. Released under the American label,
Tantrum Records, it is an album for which she has drawn on
her culture, her language and her childhood, bringing a message
of celebration, warning and hope with an edgy genre-bending
sound. In her single, You Know, she sings about gossip and the
fact that people can talk about you all they want but in reality
they do not know you. Another popular track on the album is
Iwe. “It means sorrow, sadness, anger, so many things that bring
you down. It’s about saying ‘don’t worry. Sun and rain come
from the same big sky’. That’s the universe.” It was a message
she was sure fellow Nigerians would connect with but, to her
surprise, the first positive reviews came from other quarters.
“When it was tested in some parts of the western world,
everyone loved it. I got fan mail with people saying, ‘I don’t
know exactly what you’re saying, but I love the message’.
Which just goes to show that people are receptive to what
we have to say.”
One of the songs on the album was a hidden track on her first
album. “Wrap Up is about HIV and Aids. On this album I have
Anofela from Côte d’Ivoire joining me.” It was something she
particularly felt the need to talk about. “It’s a touchy subject
here. You see people dying and I’m like ‘Am I not going to talk
about it?’ But the song is fun.” She feels this is the reason it
received a lot of airplay and was even used in some high schools
for sex education. “It’s done well for me
and it still does. I wanted the message to
stay in the future so I might bring new
artists, change it.”

Uru’s typical day starts with a cup of
coffee and an hour and a half of vocal
warm-ups. Then she speaks to her agents
about her schedule. “If there are any
places to go, people to meet, interviews to
do by phone. If I’m working on an album
and am scheduled to go into the studio,
that could last forever.” On the days that
she has off – “very rare” she points out
with a smile – she works out, running or riding a bicycle on the
beach. “I live in California, and my place overlooks the water,
the Pacific Ocean. I can see it from my doorstep, so it’s very
inspiring and sometimes at night you can see the moon on the
water. Depending on where you are, you can see the water on
one side and the mountains on the other side.” Her lifestyle is
anything but typical, but Uru would not have it any other way.
“For me, an average day is never average. Things continually
change and you keep changing with them.”
Change is something she has been going through for years:
making the transition from political science student to model
and make-up artist and now to singer and songwriter.

Not bad right? What do you say?

"With four awards Sunday including best drama, "Slumdog Millionaire" emerged as the potential film to beat at the Academy Awards, an unexpected position for a movie with a cast of unknowns and a story set among orphans and criminals on the streets of Mumbai."

If you have not seen this film yet you sure are missing out. Check out the video below:


Watch out Oscars!

"Grace Zemaye Egbagbe has for long been a hot favourite among the paparazzi. Her sense of style is coveted by many. It is not surprising then that very little is said about her other interests which include a penchant for self development. As she puts it, “You’ve got to always update yourself with knowledge.”
A mother of two, Grace is so devoted to her children who have in turn rewarded her by being the best they can be. The bond that exists among them is more than filial, it is divine. Fresh into retirement and just back from a well-deserved time-out with her family in the United States of America, former NTA marketing director, Grace Egbagbe looks like she just stepped out of a five star SPA. She exudes more confidence and charm than she ever did.

You could say she was in a state of grace by her calm and unharried demeanour. She is obviously happy to be back to her tastefully furnished home in Lekki. Like her personality, her home spells affluence and uncluttered sophistication, which is not surprising considering Grace’s long time romance with interior decoration. She recently got a certificate in interior design, during her last sojourn to the US."

She is gorgeous, what do you say?
Dear readers, guess what? President Obama is said set to pick CNN's DR SANJAY GUPTA as the next Surgeon general of the United States. Would that just be amazing!

In a scene from CNN's "Planet in Peril," Dr. Sanjay Gupta stands in a body of water in Africa.

Well according to washington reports:

"President-elect Barack Obama has offered the job of surgeon general to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the neurosurgeon and correspondent for CNN and CBS, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation.

Gupta has told administration officials that he wants the job, and the final vetting process is under way. He has asked for a few days to figure out the financial and logistical details of moving his family from Atlanta to Washington but is expected to accept the offer."

This has to be the best news, the cabinet of the president is shaping up really nicely, if I may say so; what do you say readers?

Our favorite pretty singer, URU!! Just in case you have no idea who she is, then take a look at her video below:

Uru this is your year keep on doing it! What do you say readers loving it oh and by the way a company I truly love is HIRING!! SAHARA! Defintely a dream company to work for check it out HERE.

What is your new year's resolution?

While we are on the wedding trip, Dan Foster apparently got married and now works at Inspiration FM. His new bride, Lovina hails from Amaruru Umuada, Imo State, she’s a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka and works in the Customer Service unit of Zenith Bank. Well we know he was dating our favorite model and gorgeous blogger.
Shopping mall shoprite
Okay on certain weekends, I find it exciting hanging out with friends at certain spots in Lekki in Lagos; I enjoy shopping in the day time at shop rite, then it is off to an exciting weekend evening at News Cafe or at the Soul Lounge. One thing, I would say about hanging out in Lagos is there is no cover charge at these spots! So that makes it all worth while.
Check out the pictures of the hangouts especially for readers not based in Nigeria.
Picture above Soul Lounge

Congratulations to Dare Obasanjo on the birth of his lovely son. He is too cute!

pic source

Okay I know I promised some wedding pictures from the Lagos governor's niece, be patient.

Speaking of weddings tomorrow is the wedding of Miss Omosede Igbinedion to her dashing prince. We will have the scoop. so watch this space. How was your new year's day? Have you all noticed that Workforcenigeria is on the top 20 blogs in Nigeria according to afrigator? Get that new high paying job this new year via workforcenigeria. You owe it to yourself!

Omg, I am loving this wedding site by bisiandfemi above!
Classy and beautiful true love!

Nkechi and Damilola very nice site !

Oh how we love true love! Oh la la...what are you up to this new year readers? My resolution is to laugh live love be a success; find inner bliss; have no enemies just friends and do the best I can. Which reminds me of a poem i wrote years ago!

Arise my children
heed my call
I am Africa
Though time may have taken its toll
I am here my children guiding protecting to be
Strong, beautiful and Proud

Fear Not the storm
Ride through it with your head held high
though you have been beaten
I am Africa
guiding you protecting you to be
Strong ,beautiful and Oh yes so very proud.

Remembering the peom brings smiles to my face. It got a standing ovation when I read it at an event. It is actually a longer poem perhaps some other time.....

I love this song by Craig David so Unbelievable:

Finally a song I am definitely feeling is this one by Jesse Mccartney!

Gosh I love this guy? Okay just the song, he is cute though......HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!



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Hey readers it is 2009!!! Can you believe it??? Thank God for bringing us through to another year! We are blessed. You will be blessed this year readers! What dreams you have will come true this year!

Enjoy some music videos as you party on today!! But remember be safe!!! This is going to be our THIRD YEAR of Naijagal's blog posts! Can you believe it?

Favorite songs personally this year?

Gongo Aso and Street Credibility:

No one like you ---

Dbanj - Suddenly

Now Flashback to Internationally acclaimed Nigerian Artists who sang songs loved all over the world or as we say the pioneers!





2009 the first US president of African Descent will be sworn in on January 20th!! it is already looking like a blessed year! I would love to be at the inauguration, well we will see. This year Naijagal is going all over the African Continent and International; bringing you the best in Fashion, entertainment, technology and careers!