Its Easter Monday! Some folks get the day off, some don't! Well thank goodness for Naija, where any opportunity for a holiday is highly welcomed. A friend of mine works for a consulting firm in California and she compared the days off in the US to the days off in Naija and here is what she found out! The days of the US are as follows:

Eight standard holidays observed each calendar year are:

New Year's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Memorial Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Independence Day
Day before Christmas
Labor Day
Christmas Day
Nigeria has eleven days

January 01 New Year's Day
March 30 Eid Maulid
April 06 Good Friday
April 08 Easter Sunday
April 09 Easter Monday
May 01 Worker's Day
May 29 Democracy Day
October 01 Independence Day
October 12 Eid Fitri
December 19 Eid Kabir
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 Boxing Day

Not including days off to watch football or census or simply to party!

Well here is a profile of the talented Nollywood Actress in the Yoruba Genre, Iyabo Ojo. One of the comments she made that certainly caught my attention was that she makes use of " Men's Perfume" sometimes. So ladies reading this column do you wear men's perfume sometimes? Well I guess for those who use Ck by CALVIN KLEIN maybe "strong enough for a man but made for a woman"

My personal favorite perfume is Light Blue" by Dolce and Gabana.
Well what is your favorite perfume?


Anonymous said...

Interesting how do they determine which perfume is for a man or a woman?

omoge naija said...

iyabo is very preey and she get action very welll