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Holy freaking heck! She is stunning and selling homes in London! Just so freaking amazing! Naijagal approves! Here's more about REME

From University Student to Netflix Star: The Rise of Reme Nicole and DDRE's Daniel Daggers

When "Buying London" premiered on Netflix, it was already generating buzz, thanks in no small part to Reme Nicole and DDRE’s CEO Daniel Daggers. Months before the show hit the streaming platform, Reme had become a viral sensation, leveraging her established social media presence to build anticipation and excitement among fans and followers.

Meet Reme Nicole: The TikTok Sensation

Reme Nicole, a dynamic property agent, had already carved out a significant niche for herself on social media before "Buying London" ever made it to our screens. With over 200,000 followers on TikTok, Reme shares her hilarious and often insightful video diaries that delve into the quirks and challenges of the property market. Her relatable and engaging content has resonated with a broad audience, turning everyday property tales into must-watch entertainment.

From University Student to Premiere Night

Reme's journey from a university student to the star of a Netflix series is nothing short of inspiring. After the show was released, she posted a ‘point of view’ video on TikTok, capturing the excitement and disbelief of attending the show's premiere. In the video, she narrates: “POV you went from a uni student to working for one of the best businesses on the planet, our Netflix show is just about to be released and rn you’re at the premiere with over 150 clients ready to watch the first episode.”

The Perfect Duo: Reme Nicole and Daniel Daggers

Reme’s rise is complemented by the visionary leadership of DDRE’s CEO, Daniel Daggers. Known for his innovative approach in the property market, Daggers has been instrumental in DDRE's success and its appeal to a global audience. His collaboration with Reme Nicole has proven to be a perfect match, blending traditional expertise with modern, social media-savvy marketing.

The Show: "Buying London"

"Buying London" takes viewers inside the high-stakes world of luxury real estate in one of the most prestigious cities on the planet. The show offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of property agents as they navigate the demands of affluent clients and the competitive market. Reme Nicole’s presence adds a fresh, youthful energy to the show, making it a binge-worthy series for anyone interested in real estate, social media, or just compelling storytelling.

What’s Next for Reme Nicole?

With her newfound fame from "Buying London," Reme Nicole is poised for even greater success. Her ability to connect with audiences through her authentic and humorous approach to the property market makes her a unique figure in the industry. Whether she’s sharing behind-the-scenes moments or offering tips and tricks for prospective homeowners, Reme's influence continues to grow.

You rock Naijagal Reme Urubusi! Keep inspiring! We are inspired!


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