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5 reasons why Ed Sheeran is a real Naija Boy?

1. He said the word Omoge perfectly 2. he dances with style like our Naija guys 3. He likes to make his girl happy as we can tell from his songs 4. He knows how to sing well well 5. He drives us Crazy, yes we love him? Or what do you say? So happy to be back!!!!


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Ghana's movie industry is set to take the African continent by storm. Recent movies made show production quality. Fewer films are made in Ghana as opposed to Nigeria's NOLLYWOOD industry; however, the plus to that is movies are carefully made and not simply rushed out in a week. HERE ARE A COUPLE OF THE STARS IN GHANA TODAY 1. JACKIE APPIAH Born Dec 5 1983 Married in 2005; her married name is JACKIE AYGEMANG Says the happiest time of her life was having her son 'Damian' Top movie lead roles: DIVINE LOVE, BEYONCE'S DAUGHTER and recently the popular movie 'MUMMY'S DAUGHTER' (I recommend every one see this one) 2. VAN VICKER Movie lead roles: divine love, beyonce the president's daughter and mummy's daughter. I have personally been a fan of VAN VICKER from the first time I saw him on DIVINE LOVE. However, he is given lead roles that tend to make him seem submissive. 3. NADIA BUARI Top movie roles: Anita in mummy's daughter she i

WHO IS Eudoxie Mbouguiengue ? 5 things you do not know about her!! PHOTOS

If you are a lot like us, you are probably wondering who is  Eudoxie Mbouguiengue ? Where is she from? What does she do aside from the from being Ludacris Fiancee??? Well here is the scoop!!!  Eudoxie has been dating Ludacris for a while now and she is the founder of the Non Profit Unspoken angels  Eudoxie is brilliant. She allegedly is a medical student!


Check out a picture of Kourtney Kardashian getting her hair sewn in. photo credit: Wow and we always thought the Kardashian girls all had full locks. Apparently they wear extensions just like a lot of women. There you go with the movie good hair coming out soon, it is not just African American women wearing weaves but all women. Since we are on the topic of hair, here is one video I love to watch, the lace front wig and how to wear it. Do you wear a weave, will you see the movie "GOOD HAIR" well Naijagal wants to know. SEE MORE ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS  ON