Tiger Woods Wins The Masters Naijagal Returns! + Monday Music

This is a very personal post. Watching Tiger Woods when the Masters meant a lot to me. And that's why I've come back to blog. Years ago in college I was Tiger Woods biggest fan I had his posters all over my room yes I did. I loved everything he stood for. He's an amazing skill and everything. We had a contest at my job and I dressed up as Tiger Woods and won

It meant a lot to me
when Tiger fell off, it was almost like what happened with Naijagal
but his winning the Masters yesterday let me know that you can come back from a fall. You can rise again as long as you believe it it. And that's why I'm happy to be back blogging about things that really matter to me regardless of what anyone else might think. Yes naijagal is back and ready to show the world what I can do. So starting off let's celebrate the comeback of Tiger Woods and the hottest music right now that I'm digging yeah they are
never let anyone tell you can do some things just believing yourself regardless of what people say that's all that matters. It's all that should matter who cares what people say? You have one life to live make yours a good one is when you go; you go alone. So enjoy!

Next stop Books I am Reading Right now! Glad to be back! Missed everyone


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