Meet nigeria's first blind photographer!! Taiwo you rock!!!!

This just in!! PUNCH'S very own star

ARUKAINO UMUKORO writes about how a blind Nigerian woman overcame her challenge of sight to pursue a career in photography

After the tripod was set, the photographer checked the angles to ensure the ‘balance’ was good. She then felt the buttons on the camera. Then, she looked into the lens. Camera. Ready. Action!
You may consider this the ordinary routine of a photographer. Yes it is. But, what makes it extraordinary is that Taiwo Lawal, the photographer, is totally blind.
Lawal, 35, felt her way round the tripod to our correspondent and explained with a smile, “At the start, I kept wondering how a blind person could learn photography. I thought it was impossible. But the person who introduced me to it said it was possible. So, I agreed to do it.”
She gave her consent to learn the art of photography two years ago. Now, Lawal takes photographs like someone that is not blind.
She continued: “I’ve learnt a lot about the lens of a camera, the view finder, LCD screen and so many parts of the camera.”
Medical science has stated that blind people tend to show enhanced ability in the other senses. This probably applies to Lawal.