Where in the world is Naijagal???

Well I realize it has been a while since I blogged! Gosh I have heard it all, Naijagal has finally given in or given up whatever that means! No Naijagal has not given up, just getting ready for a new chapter. A new focus, Naijagal.com will launch OFFICIALLY on January 1 2011! This will be a new chapter for us

The new Naijagal will be an all round fun COMMUNITY which will focus on positivity and imagination, now will you join us on this discovery? My hope is that certainly you will be around for the fun ride.

Entertainment, Fashion style and all global discussions; realizing that Naijagal wants to share so much with you

My love for three Entertainment, Indian Show biz, African pure fashion and entertainment;

A new daily addition  column would be how to make money from blogging,

Did you notice on Naijagal. net the new video up happens to be Bruno Mars well the new Naijagal.com will include my love for musical hits and godness we  are going to take this to another level never before seen on the blogosphere

One thing I believe is that Positivity and inspiration is the way forward. No ifs buts or maybes. interested in writing for Naijagal.com? Be sure to send in your stories or articles; you could make the front page! Thanks again for four solid years.