Check out a picture of Kourtney Kardashian getting her hair sewn in.

photo credit: pacificcoastnews.com

Wow and we always thought the Kardashian girls all had full locks. Apparently they wear extensions just like a lot of women. There you go with the movie good hair coming out soon, it is not just African American women wearing weaves but all women.

Since we are on the topic of hair, here is one video I love to watch, the lace front wig and how to wear it.

Do you wear a weave, will you see the movie "GOOD HAIR" well Naijagal wants to know. SEE MORE ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS  ON http://naijagal.net


Anonymous said…
I always knew Kardashians wore extensions especially Kim and Kourney, because Kim's real hair is just regular, but all of a sudden her hair on the red carpet is all long and full.

My friends who are non-blacks, I see them wear extentions, but you wouldn't know, it blends so well with their real hair. For blacks, it's just so obvious when you wear extensions, or weaves.
Anonymous said…
lol women of all races wear weaves o...but i think the problem must people have with black people is that the weaves we wear is by no way close to our natural hair texture of type.It's caucasaian type hair we put on our head.
@ Anonymous. It's best that you do stay that way. First and foremost, before you put ignorant comments on here about Black people. You should do your research b/c there are many BLACK people who have better hair and texture then Whites. I don't blame you for the dumb comment, I blame the fact that you are obviously uneducated. And what is non-blacks ARE YOU SERIOUS...LOL
Anonymous said…

I think that comment you made about black people and our weaves was very racist and unnecessary. What is obvious, is that you're NOT black and do not understand anything about black women's hair. Next time, keep your racist comments to yourself. We have a black president bitch!!!!!
kitelicious said…
Yeah right.....the kardashians wear hair extension,u could even spot it while watching their show,especially khloe kardashian!