Ouch!!! 20 billion dollar company boss buys mansion of his former boss who refused to promote him and tears it down!!! Omg!!

It is not only juicy, it is the tales of revenge! Well get this, according to the daily mail,

A hedge fund billionaire bought his former boss’s Hamptons summer home for more than $40million and then tore it down to make room for a mansion twice its size. 
David Tepper bought the ocean-facing property in Sagaponack, New York, in 2010 from John Corzine’s ex-wife. He paid $43.5million for Corzine’s former summer getaway – making it the most expensive home in the Hamptons at the time. 
The following summer, he razed the 6,165 square foot home to the ground in order to build a completely new and much larger mansion.

Here is the mansion as it was before:

Now check out what it looks like  now!!

ouch! but we hear he is building a much bigger property so watch out for it!!