Entrepreneurs President Obasanjo wants to you to know this!

Obasanjo former president of Nigeria spoke at the 2014 edition of leadership insight and experiences seminar organized by Entrepreneurs Organization of Nigeria (EON) in Abeokuta, Ogun State. He  urged entrepreneurs in the country not to be deterred by encumbrances facing entrepreneurs in the country but rather he advised the entrepreneurs to seek the opportunities available in the country that are waiting to be explored.

In his words

“We are witnessing a downturn in the economy now because the leadership has failed in its responsibility to deliver factors that will encourage entrepreneurship. If leadership is not okay, followership will be wrong and as they say in the military parlance there is no bad soldier but bad officers so the leadership must work to ensure the economy is well managed, that there is social cohesion, that the expectations of the youths and business leaders are met while also pursuing vigorously policies, laws and regulations that ensure sustenance of any investment in the economy,”.