"Anybody who means well for this country should support the President" Ex-President Babangida urges Nigerians to vote in GEJ

Nigeria's former president met with  President Jonathan earlier today in what has been said to be a closed door meeting in Minna. He then called on Nigerians, who want the best for their country to support President. The meeting took place at the former president Ibrahim Babangida Minna based Hilltop Mansion.

After meeting with the former president, President Jonathan reiterated in an  interview that  the meeting was held to gain insight on how to solve the issues  currently underway in  the country.
The issues in question include the  Boko Haram attacks, North and kidnappings and dare we say robberies on the South.

According to Vanguard News

 “He is one of our experienced leaders. As somebody who is sitting where he was before, I need to see them from time to time to listen to their suggestions. That is one of the areas how we can collectively move the country forward and ensure that Nigerians live in peace,” Jonathan said. While General Babangida said: “The President means well for this country and he is working well for this country. Anybody who means well for this country should support the President to make sure that Nigeria survives as a united country.”