EWWWW!!! GORGEOUS Chinese Actress Yang Mi Protests Yulin Dog Meat Festival!! GETS A CRAZY RESPONSE!!

Yes there is a yearly dog meat festival called the YULIN DOG MEAT festival in China. So Yang Mi this stunning actress below decided to do something about it and here is how a reader  responded to  her protest!!!

I think chickens, ducks, fish, pigs, cows, geese, sheep are all my friends, so can you not eat them? Don’t use your own personal desires to hold hostage the morality and ethics of everyone else. I didn’t go through all these years of evolution to stand at the top of the food chain to eat grass! I’m furious! Do you understand the actual situation? Have you been to Guangxi? Have you been to Yulin? Do you know that the dogs we eat were bred/raised for their meat? I’m resolutely unfollowing you! Yulin girls [referring to self] are proud like this! You’re welcome!