Okay this post is simply based on the fact that there are hot guys on the new big brother Africa show. You all know what the main prize happens to be worth? $300000 that is the answer. Get this, we notice the tag team going on with big brother. That is not our main aim here instead lets focus today instead lets list of the hottest guys  in the house who are most likely to win this competition.


First off, Angola, yes the hot portuguese sounding guy is our pick to win based on looks and suave alone. This guy could be a major fashion brand some day. Here he is

Age 26
Occupation Entrepreneur
Biography Entrepreneur Seydou entered Big Brother StarGame “for the money and the game as a whole”. He says he is willing to do everything to win the grand prize and says, “I am a delivery man – I will make it happen!”

Seydou’s role model is Barack Obama, “because he is a successful black man and I aspire to be like him”. He has 3 brothers and a sister and says his Grandmother has played a big role in his life, making him the man he is today. The achievement he is most proud of is graduating from University, “because despite what some thought, I made it without failing”.

He describes himself as outgoing, charming, intelligent, open-minded and “a hunk” and says his intelligence helps him get through things. The traits he favours in others include intelligence and honesty, but he dislikes fake people and people who smoke around him.





Here is his video

Next we have LEE from South Africa!Lee
Age 22
South Africa
Occupation Student
Biography Lee is a second year Graphic Design Student from Cape Town. He’ll be playing the game with his lifelong friend Keagan – whom he says was “the only one mad enough to say yes” to taking part in Big Brother StarGame with him. His family is right behind him too – as long as he doesn’t embarrass them! If he wins the grand prize, Lee will give his parents a share for all their troubles, buy an apartment and invest in his future.

Lee describes himself as reserved, free, non-judgmental, crazy and respectful. The traits he admires most in others are honesty, trustworthiness, respect, fun and an outgoing nature. He says the best thing about himself is his level head, and he dislikes people who are dishonest backstabbers. His favourite former Housemate is fellow South African Ferdinand Rabie.

Lee likes watching sports programs and the Discovery Channel and his favourite artists are DJ Fresh, Netski, Drake Adele and John Mayer. His favourite actors are Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

He will win because not only does he have the look, a lot of lady fans will vote for him. Maybe if he can get Angola out he stands a chance only time will tell if this will happen

Check out his video here

Now for the not so hot guys

Nigeria, love you guy but can you please explain what in the world is going on with this video?