Glad to see this poster from naijablog's site. Why can't the Nollywood Posters look like this?? I mean this is simply classy. It is a good price too to see the play too.
N3000, the equivalent of $26.

Usher and Tameka Foster to wed! Okay that may be old news to you all but it is interesting to see that Usher likes an older lady. Tameka is fly but Chili is stunning! I have personally seen them (Usher and Chili) together back in the day and they looked so good together. Anyhoo, wishing them the best!
Shola looking cool

Check Sade out!

Based in South Africa, here they are Shola and Sade!

Forest Whitaker! BEST ACTOR!! He deserved it!

Jennifer Hudson winner! Best supporting actress! This definitely has been her best year for real!

On yahoo Beyonce was listed as one of the best dressed celebrities on the red carpet.
What were they smoking! NOT FEELING THIS DRESS AT ALL!

Dream girls Jennifer Hudson was listed as one of the worst dressed! Are you kidding! The dress is nice or are we looking at a different dress here?

Now this by KIRSTEN DUNN! I have no comment at all!

What do you say?

A cool new fashion magazine based in the United States is set to launch soon! I can't wait can you? This should be interesting! Will it be in Borders or would we have to go to African stores to buy it? That is the question.
"Live love yourself each and everyday! Buy classic not trendy because trends fade but style is eternal!"

Steal that look is a blog that will stand on its own because this naijagal blog depicts basically fashion and the steal that look blog shows you how to get that fashion on a budget. So how are you doing?

More coming up today!
The latest blog in town!!!

I know you all remember her hot look back in the day with the spice girls what happened!!!

This is how I remember her! Any thoughts I know pregnancy can take a lot out of a lady.

Catching up with old friends I came across one of my cool team co-workers, who is now an elementary teacher!

Mind you she left a high paying corporate job with a top 3 software company and opted for a masters in education. That got me seriously inspired to get going with my dreams and aspirations. I am currently contacting schools to get into their masters in design program. Life is too short dearies to wish on a star. I will keep you all updated.

Anyhoo, for some reason I have fallen in love with photography at the moment. Ordered my spanking New NIKON D40.

I saw a craigslist ad requesting a photography assistant. I guess I can do this on the weekend to get some experience. Is anyone following the Anna Nicole
court saga what a tragedy. I am also experimenting with maternity tees too. We will see where that takes me.

On a funny note I got an email (one of many) from someone who thinks I am Bella. Well just to clarify, am not Bellanaija. How amazingly funny is that?

My glass slipper has a franchise! I love
Fashion for darfur FASHION SHOW!

Reminiscing on the crowing moment in 2001! Agbani's crown MISS WORLD!

She was absolutely stunning!

Here is an interview with Miss Ghana-Universe

Do you love it? What are your thoughts?
Free Image Hosting -

I came across this today and wanted to share! how is your weekend going?

Here was my design for the ugly betty design contest

I feel I came pretty close to the chosen one.

and here is the dress they chose?

quite close in design wouldn't you say?

Ubah's clip one more time!





Another cool wedding websiteDAMISANDTOYIN

What do you think? what are your plans today? stay blessed this friday.
Well here it is! Thanks to our darling of the fashion web here it is!


Happy Valentine's day! Thoughts? Mrs LUCA looking GOOD!

Check out her video also here

DO YOU MAKE THE CUT? Then go for it and find a "successful" date. Under 25 you must earn $200000 a year! Ladies just have to look good. Hmm that is N28 MILLION NAIRA! What do you say readers?

Say hello to Ubah! Born in Copenhagen, Denmark to immigrant parents from Somalia, raised in Sweden and has been called the Mini-Iman. Ubah is definitely a star in the making. With over 6000 friends on myspace.

Check out her music here

What do you think? I love the religion track on her myspace. What do you think? Watch out for Ubah.
pix from nowtoronto

Uzodinma Iweala has written another book which we hear made the front page of the washington express!Kudos to him!

However, the reporter pointed out that while he is a writer, he is also going to medical school, with a "little pressure from his parents"

Now one thing I can never understand is why "Naija/African parents apply a "little bit of pressure to their children's chosen career?" Perhaps it could be because other careers especially those in the arts are not seen as real careers? That is of course until they make money. They end up not happy but simply pleasing their parents.

To you reading this blog post, how do you intend to raise your kids. If your son says he wants to study design or your daughther wants to be a model/tv host? Would you say they don't make as much income?Study Law/medicine/engineering/accounting (African chosen careers) instead?

The question that comes to mind is where is oluchi?? well my guess is she is expecting a baby? The reason I say this is because she was not on the runway for LUCA LUCA ( Her hubby's fall 2007 show).

Her site OLUCHI.COM is undergoing reconstruction. I love it!
Your Career Type: Artistic

You are expressive, original, and independent.
Your talents lie in your artistic abilities: creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art.

You would make an excellent:

Actor - Art Teacher - Book Editor
Clothes Designer - Comedian - Composer
Dancer - DJ - Graphic Designer
Illustrator - Musician - Sculptor

The worst career options for your are conventional careers, like bank teller or secretary.


Another inspiration this thursday is NIKE OGUNLESI seen here on the cover of GENEVIEVE MAGAZINE. I have to admit I am PERSONALLY partial to Genevieve magazine; anyhoo here are more pictures of NIKE! Thanks to GENEVIEVE MAGAZINE

Go on NIKE
fun fact she sold 13000 units of her line! Imagine that, pioneer fashionista!

Ok on the international front, Please say it is not so!

From superhead (video vixen) writing about RAY J, Brandys' BABY BROTHER being a good lover to this now! Stunning Kim Kardashian and RAY J "sex tape" what is the world comming to? Why someone would want to make money of this rubbish beats me!



Hmmm wonder who her makeup artist was for her wedding? Take a guess?

I admire her! she is an inspiration, big time. From Ethopia to the USA at the age of 19; she created a 25 million dollar empire one dress at a time. She is a couture wedding designer. What do you think of her designs? I love the simplicity.

Check out her ad for lincoln love it

I say once again sticking to a NICHE is the way to go.
I got this from the blessing team!

She is tall and currently doing good in Europe! Have you heard of her?
"I like when she says oya in this song" interesting....


Ghana's movie industry is set to take the African continent by storm. Recent movies made show production quality. Fewer films are made in Ghana as opposed to Nigeria's NOLLYWOOD industry; however, the plus to that is movies are carefully made and not simply rushed out in a week.



Born Dec 5 1983
Married in 2005; her married name is JACKIE AYGEMANG
Says the happiest time of her life was having her son 'Damian'
Top movie lead roles: DIVINE LOVE, BEYONCE'S DAUGHTER and recently the popular movie 'MUMMY'S DAUGHTER' (I recommend every one see this one)


Movie lead roles: divine love, beyonce the president's daughter and mummy's daughter.
I have personally been a fan of VAN VICKER from the first time I saw him on DIVINE LOVE. However, he is given lead roles that tend to make him seem submissive.


Top movie roles: Anita in mummy's daughter
she is the daughter of (President of the Musicians Union of Ghana)MUSIGA's president, Sidiku Buari one of Ghana's most successful musicians.

So what are your thoughts about Ghana's rising stars. Point to note Nollywood is involved in the production of the movies in one way or the other.

Could Ghana's movie industry take over? What would be the name? Gollywood? I want to read your comments
Also check out my new post here


BEST BOLLYWOOD FLICK!!! DHARAM VEER! Brings tears to my eyes, enjoy.

I LOVE THIS SONG. I listen to it everyday. Are you feeling it like I am?
Starting off today's dance time is KOFI OLOMIDE!!

Is it me or does he seem fairer skinned everytime? Love the sisters getting down!

OK so how about a flash back? I have got the power!

About time! Go on lady and make us all proud. This is your chance everyone to see Estella at the Waldorf Astoria in New york!
"She is on the International Scene now" and dare I say we are extremely proud of her. We hear she is the only African Designer on the show.

Show your love people by posting your comments! Would you be at the show?

Kudos lady
check out the New York Fashion Week Calender
old cover of true love from mona
Can someone please explain to Naijagal the meaning of this quote?

‘A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he’s finished.’ This is a quote from the current issue of west african true love magazine, according to naijablog. What exactly are the trying to say?