Is Kim Kardashian a hoarder and self indulgent??

Is Kim Kardashian a hoarder? Well if you believe Kanye. Kim Kardashian a hoarder who would've guessed? Excuse me if I may say so, Kanye made her give up her closet of clothes. Did he think she would throw all that stuff away?? Not only that he also claims she keeps copies of magazine clippings of herself !!! talk about self-important!

Yeah how he said it to dish nation

"Kim rents two storage lockers and had two rooms in her old house reserved for piles of clothes and shoes she never wears."
"She also keeps years of backdated magazine and newspaper clippings that she's been mentioned in. Kanye doesn't mind that Kim is so self-involved; he just wishes she was more organized about it. He told her to scan it onto a hard drive and to toss the paper trail
"They had their first major post-wedding fight after Kanye threw out boxes of Kim's hoarded items because Kanye says Kim's crap is wrecking his design aesthetic."
"They don't see eye to eye on this topic. Kim was furious after Kanye told her she should go on a show like 'Hoarders.' He warned Kim that he can't live with her if she continues to stockpile useless goods."