Timaya Sean Paul BUM BUM remix video !! What in the world???EMERGENCY!!!

Okay so we'll be anxiously awaiting this hot new Timaya video featuring Sean Paul!


You can imagine how shocked and surprised we were to see the video  filled basically with none other then scantily dressed ladies who adorn themselves wth bikini bottoms made up of chains. I mean it is just a disaster in our opinion but some guys will definitely love this I'm not sure if you should watch it during your office hours.

When we talk about the chains I know Lisa supposedly meant to shake their derrière (bottom). But come on just because you say shake your bum bum doesn't mean you have to show it all out in chains and wiggly oh Lord!!!

Here is a tip for you Timaya in Davido's Aye video he said and I quote "shake your assets" we did not see the lady in his video taking off her wrapper to shake her assets now did we??

Perhaps I am being too critical of the video, why don't  you go ahead and watch it; you be the judge enjoy