flavor naijagal

A little history about this song, well back in the day this song was actually a favorite of my dads and you can imagine his pleasant surprise to find out the song got remixed! Well it is my favorite now!

Want a translation of this song? Well here goes:

Nwababy…nye m ife gi = Baby girl…give me that which you have {Here, Flavour drops a masterful pun—a masterful play on words by using the term “nye m ife gi” which indicates he wants something from the girl he is addressing but the phrase is safe enough as to be understood in a multitude of contexts. He could be asking for her attention, for a dance with her, for her smile, for her beauty, etc. As the song progresses, it becomes gradually clear that he wants her body; he wants to make love to her}
Nwababy, nye m ife gi. Okwa n’abania = Baby girl,  give me that which you have. This very night.
I don hammer no be small, now it’s time to chop money {I have hit the jackpot/I have made it big/I am rich now and so now it is the time to spend some money}
Somebody say “N’abania, na-atakwanu ife umu nwanyi a” {Will someone holler “Tonight, ladies you can eat anything you want”. Flavour is trying to make it rain at the party obviously, so he is indicating that the ladies present can eat and drink at his expense}
See dem girls dem plenty = I see a lot of girls here {since this party scene is probably crawling with a lot of college-type babes of the Nigerian variety,  of which many have the reputation of trading intimate favors for money, good grades, elite company etc, Flavour wastes no time teasing out this fact. In a most playful and complimentary fashion, he acknowledges the fact that the girl he is addressing is a hustler of some sort}
Waka Waka baby…oh yeah {this suggests that the girl is always walking from one guy’s house to the other}
Wuru wuru baby….oh yeah {this suggest that the girl is tricky or crafty}
I go tell my mama…oh yeah =I’ll tell my mother
I go tell my papa, oh yeah = I’ll tell my father
And I go tell am say:you be waka waka baby, oh yeah =I’ll tell ‘em that you are a walkabout babe or a streetwalker
You be wuru wuru baby…oh yeah =I’ll tell ‘em you are a tricky or crafty babe


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