So recently I have gotten emails about starting your business. I thought to myself what would be better than to write a blog post about what you need to do. My passion has always been helping others in their entrepreneur drive. If you want to be the next Oprah, you can. She will be the first to tell you that it is all about passion.

I know over the years Naijagal has been about fashion celebrity; now we are about empowering you to move forward in life as well as being the stylish and sophisticated individual you have always wanted to be.

Check out our new blog post on how to start your own business for under $100 dollars! Every day we will feature business ideas and entrepreneur stories. We will also feature weddings and style; so if you have something or know of an interesting topic you want to share please do!

Now check out how you can start your business for under $100 dollars!!


Best Business Opportunity said…
I'm sure I'm not on a wrong blog. It'll be proven on your next posts. I'm really focusing in doing business, like looking for the best business opportunity, how to start it and how to manage. I know I have the passion, but still need to improve my skills. Looking forward to more posts on this blog.
Anonymous said…
This is nice to know, keep up with the good work. The link in the article is not clickable (the initial H in the Http does not seem to be part of it. Cheers
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Alfred Siliano, electronic signatures software said…
Great tips! I agree that there are many businesses you can start for less than $100. Follow the tips above to get you started for a small business. Really recommended for everyone.